Archive | March, 2002

Starhub Prepaid

22 Mar

Bought the first prepaid card from Starhub for SGD18 from 7-Eleven.

IMM Part 2

3 Mar

3rd March 2002, 1400 hrs…

I was again at IMM watching Siti Nurhaliza for the second time.This time what supprised me that during her autograph session, once in a while she will glance to where i'm was (that was on the left of the stage) and then face to the front with a smile that was so sweet and different.

She done it a few time. During singing her last song, she glance to me again and then turn to the front. I can see she was smiling from my viewing position (maybe she was thinking something…..).

She jump to the floor again but this time she make a quick walk as the crowd were pushing toward the railings.

IMM Part 1

2 Mar

2nd March 2002, 1400 hrs…

I was at IMM watching Siti Nurhaliza performed. It was my first time watching Siti Nurhaliza in real life. I was not fortunate to see her in the past (her first concert in s'pore, the Diva concert and her short concert at West Mall) due to some unforseen difficulties.

She looked very pretty and different from what i see in TV or magazines. I was fortunate to see her in 360 degree angles. Today she was wearing here favourite color GREEN.

The show lasted for one hour. The next hour was for autograph session. After the autograph session, Suhaimi (the presentor and joker) requested her to sing a last song.

Siti Nurhaliza take this oppunities to sing her favourite songs 'Pelangi Petang' and 'Salam Terakhir' make popular by her favourite singer the late 'Sudirman'.

At the end of her song, she jump down to the floor and shaked hand with her fans. I was fortunate cause i was standing on the left of the stage that is not crowded.

Siti Nurhaliza was walking towards my area, i raised my hand and had the chance to shake her hand for the first time. She had a small and soft hand.

After shaking her hand, one guy asked for her autograph. I take this oppunities to hand her a card which i had prepared earlier.

She took it, smile and say 'Thank You' to me.