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Can Lions win tonight?

29 Dec

This year we had the best defenders in S Subramani, Aide Iskandar, Baihakki Khaizan and Daniel Bennett. Together with Lionel Lewis, we had a complete wall of china.
Three new faces Shahril Ishak and Hasrin Jailani in midfield and Khairul Amri, the speedy striker that doesn't disappoint us.

We also have Noh Alam Shah and Indra Sahdan Daud that can score goals in any game.

Hopefully our foreigners Itimi Dickson and Agu Casmir can do better.

Malaysia stunned Indonesia 2-1 in their first leg, semi-final clash in the Tiger Cup 2004 competition last night. Hopefully it will be a Malaysia Vs Singapore in the final.

Interviews with home-business gurus Jack Gibson

18 Dec

Jack Gibson

Age: 25

Highest Education: Bachelor’s of marketing from Hillsdale College

Year Started Business: 1997

Type Of Business: Network marketing; health and wellness products

Market: Anyone who wants to be healthier, lose weight, gain weight, or have more energy. Also, serious, motivated individuals who are committed to improving their financial future and helping others do the same.

Number Of Employees: None

Best Month (Gross Revenues): $13,000

Hours Worked Per Week During Start Up: 15 to 20 hours the first three years. I was a full time student!

Hours Worked Per Week Now: “It varies. I travel quite extensively. When I’m home for a full week, I work 40 to 50 hours.”

Favorite Business Books Or Authors: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill — “This is an all-time classic and my first inspirational book. It changed the course of my life!”; The Science of Success, by James Ray –“A mind-expanding wonder of a book.”; Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki –great for teaching financial literacy.

Relaxes By: Playing basketball, golfing, or playing poker; also, spending time with his girlfriend

Keeps In Shape By: Lifting weights at least three times a week, taking several supplements daily, and playing sports.

Favorite Part Of The Job: I love working with focused, committed people who know how to have fun and enjoy the process of building a business.

Least Favorite Part Of The Job: The flip side of the coin is working with half-committed people, watching people give up at the first sign of adversity, and bookkeeping!

Companies He Admires: Walmart, Amway, and Herbalife

Favorite Quote: Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. –Napoleon Hill

The Person Who Most Influenced His Life: His mother –“In every single way someone could have a positive effect on a person, she did.”

Heroes: Michael Dell, for starting from his dorm room and building a billion-dollar business, and Mark Hughes, for starting with nothing and changing the health of the world.

Special Accomplishments: “I became a member of the million-dollar team by my 24th month in business, working part time from my dorm room. That’s not bad. I look back at all the challenges I faced and find inspiration for the future from that achievement.”

Months Before Achieving A Profit: “I made a profit by my second month, but instead of spending it on beer as my college friends suggested, I constantly reinvested back into my business; I attribute that to the fast growth.”

Contact Jack At: (269) 556-0847 or


I’m starting a home business next month. I have a maximum of $3,000 in start-up capital. Where should I invest it?
JG: A lot depends on the business you’re in. If you’re in network marketing, you will probably need to purchase products to sell. I would invest in self-training and education, no matter what business I’m in. I would start advertising, carefully. I would focus on investing to build a customer base for daily cash flow. Then you will be able to constantly reinvest back into your business, and if you make mistakes, as we all do, you will be able to recover quickly.


How do you market on the Internet?
JB: I use a lot of search engine marketing. When the traffic reaches my Website, prospects enter their name and e-mail addresses to be followed up with the autoresponder. At any time they can opt themselves out of mailings. Beyond that, I purchase leads from lead brokers who really know what they’re doing!

Approximately what percentage of your sales originate from marketing in the print media?
JB: 20% of sales have come in through print advertising. It’s what happens after the initial sale that’s most important. It’s amazing how much business is generated by a satisfied customer. I’ve had customers send over 15 referrals, and then those satisfied customers send referrals. That’s when the business is really exciting.


What are the advantages of earning a lot of money. What are some disadvantages?
JB: Having a lot of money, for me, allows me the time and flexibility to do the things I enjoy and pay someone else to do the things I hate. I certainly work hard, and some days I work all day nonstop. If I want to take off for a weekend trip on a Thursday, I don’t have to ask my boss for the day off, and I don’t have to worry about making enough money to take the trip. I can pay someone else to clean my house, take care of my lawn, cook –things that I don’t particularly enjoy. Last week I went to Utah for the week to ski and hike and enjoy the mountains, and I can do that whenever I want and still have money coming in. What a lifestyle! Some of the disadvantages are you can easily become careless with your money and buy things that aren’t really all that beneficial. Also, your friends and family can become jealous (without ever admitting it) and sometimes make jokes or comments to make themselves feel better or try to borrow money from you and not pay you back!


What do you lead with –your company’s products or the business opportunity?
JB: When I’m advertising, I lead with the business opportunity. It’s simple –more people will call on an ad to make money than spend money. Of course, they have to use the products to be successful in the business, so we sell a new person products, and that is basically retail sales for cash flow. If I’m talking to someone face-to-face or someone I know, often I lead with the products, have them try them first and evaluate them, then backdoor the business opportunity. A lot depends on the person as to the route I take.

You’ve just recruited a promising new distributor –how do you help him/her get off to a good start…or do you consider that the new distributor’s responsibility?
JB: If you don’t help the new distributor, chances are very good he or she will be gone in less than a week. If you mentor your distributors, their chances of success rises dramatically. I start a new person with the fundamentals, get a personal product result, plug into the training system, help them talk to new prospects on three-way calls, and help them put together a plan of action. The more work they do, the more I help them. I work with people at their pace.


What was the motivating factor that drove you to start your own business?
JB: I always had a desire to own a business and be in control of my financial future. What was the biggest obstacle you had to face when you were launching your own business? What’s your biggest obstacle now?

What was the biggest obstacle you had to face when you were launching your own business? What’s your biggest obstacle now?
JB: My biggest obstacle was lack of capital. I was 19 years old and a full-time college student who never had a job before, so I didn’t have much savings. I had to scrape by in the beginning.

What’s your success philosophy?
JB: If you want to be successful, care more about others success than you do your own.


18 Dec

Sejarah aku dan Bintang Hati.

It all happen in 1996…

While walking pass the TV set, a sweet and energetic voice caught my attention. When i looked at the screen, a malay popular group called '2By2' were singing with a young lady.

They were singing 'MawarKu'. The young lady is not so pretty but her voice was so good that i predicted that one day she would become a pop star.

I keep watching and waited to see who this girl was? At last i found out that her name is Siti Nurhaliza. What a nice name? Got commercial value!

The next day i went to the 'cassette' shop to buy her album. I found out that she had 2 albums, one duet with 2By2 and the other one was her solo album.

Her songs had not been played in any radio stations, so i just gambled and bought her solo album. Her album did not disapointed me. My favourite songs were 'Jawapan Di Persimpangan' and 'Jerat Percintaan'.

One year later….

Siti Nurhaliza came out with another album. This time 'Aku Cinta Padamu' song which mean 'I Love You' become hit and more and more people soon become her fans.

Other hit songs were 'Bisikan Asmara', 'Kesilapanku, Keegoanmu' and 'Wajah Kekasih' In this album she had also inserted one 'Irama Malaysia' song called 'Sri Mersing'.

5 years later after hit song 'Aku Cinta Padamu'….

28th Febuary 2002, I found out that Siti Nurhaliza is going to perform at IMM (Singapore) on 2nd and 3rd March 2002.

1st March 2002, It was my birthday.

2nd March 2002, 1400 hrs…

I was at IMM watching Siti Nurhaliza performed. It is my first time watching Siti Nurhaliza in real life. I was not fortunate to see her in the past (her first concert in s'pore, the Diva concert and her short concert at West Mall) due to some unforseen difficulties.

She looked very pretty and different from what i see in TV or magazines. I was fortunate to see her in 360 degree angles.
Today she was wearing here favourite color GREEN.

The show lasted for one hour. The next hour was for autograph session. After the autograph session, Suhaimi (the presentor and joker) requested her to sing a last song.

Siti Nurhaliza take this oppunities to sing her favourite songs 'Pelangi Petang' and 'Salam Terakhir' make popular by her favourite singer the late 'Sudirman'.

At the end of her song, she jump down to the floor and shaked hand with her fans. I was fortunate cause i was standing on the left of the stage that is not crowded.

Siti Nurhaliza was walking towards my area, i raised my hand and had the chance to shake her hand for the first time. She had a small and soft hand.

After shaking her hand, one guy asked for her autograph. I take this oppunities to hand her a card which i had prepared earlier.

She took it, smile and say 'Thank You' to me.

3rd March 2002, 1400 hrs…

I was again at IMM watching Siti Nurhaliza for the second time.

This time what supprised me that during her autograph session, once in a while she will glance to where i'm was (that was on the left of the stage) and then face to the front with a smile that was so sweet and different.

She done it a few time. During singing her last song, she glance to me again and then turn to the front. I can see she was smiling from my viewing position (maybe she was thinking something…..).

She jump to the floor again but this time she make a quick walk as the crowd were pushing toward the railings.

Achar! 2

2 Dec

What will Achar be without Steph Song? Is it like nasi lemak without the chilli?