Beware! Speed trap ahead…

28 Feb

After receiving compliants from The Straits Times Forum pages, the traffic police agreed to list all the deployed speed traps on their website (
Speed traps are now no more a TRAP! It becoming more like the Speed Camera but it a mobile one.

They may also put up warning signs to alert motorists ahead of speed traps. The officers will wear white uniforms and yellow reflectors vests during the day and night.

Motorists may be wondering where the speed camera when they saw the warning signs. This may cause an accident man.

Motorists may suddently reduced their speed when they see the warning, but what will happen to the motorists behind? They are not aware of the suddent pop-up warning.

One more good thing is the LTA will consider reviewing the speed limits of roads on certain roads.

I agreed this. I found some road's speed limit should be increase to the maximun of 70km/h. Expressway should be at 110km/h.


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