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Adrift Consert

26 Mar

Went to the Open Plaza at Singapore Post Centre to catch the free consert today.

2.50 pm, had to ride in the drizzling rain from Toa Payoh to Paya Lebar Road.

3.20 pm, the place was crowded already. Had to find a suitable place to watch the show.

Junainah M Amin started the show with 2 oldies songs. Then followed by Jatt Ali and then Jefrrydin. The Triple J, hmm… like my group name in

 The Singapore Post Centre

 The Big Crowds

 Who the lucky person will win this car?

 The 2S – Suhaimi and Seri Wahyuni

 See how far i’m from the stage

 The show must go on…

 The “Barang-Barang” shop


The 2 hosts with the comedians

Hussein Saaban, Alias Kadir and Yusof Bai entertained us with their comedy.Then it start to rain, most of the audiences start to take cover.

Ahli Fiqir turn to take on the stage with their hit song “Samseng”. It was the best performance of the day.

Some small talk with the “Hanyut” casts.

Bhumiband next with their songs.

Hussein Saaban, Alias Kadir and Yusof Bai entertained the audience again.

Ahli Fiqir again….

6 pm, show ended. Back to the office again.

Singapore Soccer Scene

25 Mar

It had been 4 weeks since the new season of S-League begin. So far it has been exciting watching the “Live” matches on Channel News Asia. Maybe it dues to the success of the Singapore Team winning the Tiger Cup.

Tampines Rovers FC, last year double champion still lead the table after 3 wins and a draw.

The suprised team, Balestier Khalsa FC is second from top, not from bottom. Last year they were third from bottom!

It been a bad start for Geylang United FC and Home United FC. Both “United” teams only won 1 game at the moment.

New team, Paya Lebar Punggol FC is the weeping boy right now.

Overall, any team can beat each other, except for Paya Lebar Punggol FC.

More S-League

How to convert a PowerPoint presentation to an AVI?

18 Mar

If you have a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, you may need to convert it to an AVI video file either to load it into another software package, put it on the web, or for use in a corporate video.
You need to have installed Microsoft Camcorder (which comes on the office CD).
Now do View/SlideShow in PowerPoint, and start recording in Camcorder. When done, stop Camcorder and save. Camcorder captures all events on your screen, and allows you to save as an AVI.

1. Start PowerPoint, open your presentation.
2. Start Microsoft Camcorder (Start Menu / Programs / Microsoft Camcorder by default).
3. In Microsoft Camcorder, set the preferences ( Movie / Preferences, make sure Always On Top and Hide Stop Button while recording are checked, also select a stop key combination not used in your presentation (it's Esc by default, change it to 'A' with no Shift or Control), press OK.
4. Flip back to PowerPoint, and Select View/Slide Show (the Camcorder window should still appear on top).
5. Select Movie/Recorder from the Camcorder menu, Camcorder should now disappear.
6. Walk thru your PowerPoint presentation, using the mouse to proceed through the pages.
7. When you reach the last slide (I suggest you add a blank slide at the end for a 'clean ending' and stop there, press the 'A'(or other key you've chosen).
8. Flip back to PowerPoint and press Esc to stop the presentation.
9. Flip back to Microsoft Camcorder, and select File/Save As, you can then save as an AVI.
10. Close PowerPoint, close Camcorder.
To check your AVI you can reload it into Microsoft Camcorder (using File Open, and select Movie/Play)

Website Hacked!

11 Mar was hacked by Indonesian hacker yesterday. They are supposted to hack Malaysian website, but they accidentally hacked a Singaporean website.
Message written:
Kamu dan Aku adalah Saudara !! Aku tau Negara Mu lebih Maju di Bandingkan Negara Ku !! Sudah terlalu banyak Bencana yang melanda Negara Ku !! APA KAMU tega Menghancurkan NEGARA KU !! PEACE and LOVE

By. Pendekar in DALnet #IndoHacKinG "

The hackers have defaced more than a dozen Malaysian web sites, particularly those owned by Government agencies, universities and Government departments.

Wondering if SundayLeague (Man Utd) was hacked too. They were down yesterday too.


10 Mar

9/3/2005 :
9am, PIE towards Jurong suddenly full of blinking lights of TP motorbikes. All vehicles had to give way to the VIP from Brunei. Crown Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah of Brunei was escorted by about 20 TP personels. SUCK! I can't type numbers at my profile. Can't also spell the numbers in English and Malay! They will auto-remove any number or number spell. Problem solved by adding number at the spelled number.

Paid SGD7 but the website is still very slow. Don't intent to renew my membership.