Website Hacked!

11 Mar was hacked by Indonesian hacker yesterday. They are supposted to hack Malaysian website, but they accidentally hacked a Singaporean website.
Message written:
Kamu dan Aku adalah Saudara !! Aku tau Negara Mu lebih Maju di Bandingkan Negara Ku !! Sudah terlalu banyak Bencana yang melanda Negara Ku !! APA KAMU tega Menghancurkan NEGARA KU !! PEACE and LOVE

By. Pendekar in DALnet #IndoHacKinG "

The hackers have defaced more than a dozen Malaysian web sites, particularly those owned by Government agencies, universities and Government departments.

Wondering if SundayLeague (Man Utd) was hacked too. They were down yesterday too.


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