Bravo EagleVision! Great Muzika Extravaganza!

24 Apr


They fullfilled their promises to make Muzika Extravaganza an elaborate and colourful show. Well done Suhaimi Jais! Very enjoying watching it live at Mediacorp TV Theatre. All the seats were filled with VIPs included Singapore popular actors and actress on the front section, Taufik Batisah FC on the right middle section, Siti Nurhaliza FC on the left middle section, RaRa FC (don't know whose fan club, maybe the Mediacorp cheer group) on the center middle section and winners of Suria contests on the top section.

Musika Ekstravaganza was previously known as a boring show called "Rampaisari". They used to invite veteran singers sang oldies songs for the show, but now they reinvented it with all type of genres and mixes of old and new artists.

Reached there at 6.30pm but were only allowed to the theatre at about 7.30pm. We took our seats and tied the big Siti banner (made by Intan and brought by Riz) to the railing. This banner was lucky that it had travelled all over Malaysia states, London and the latest to Singapore. Next, it may be flying to Australia.

Then we were shown a 30 seconds video of Safety Precaution in case of emergency. Then we did some warm-up clapping and cheering leaded by AB Shake. Waited till 8.30pm for the live telecast show to start.

Muzika Ekstravaganza was hosted by Suhaimi Yusof and Raja Azura. What a excellent combination? Raja Azura look beautiful.

The show was started by Ruffedge with surprised special guest artist Jatt Ali for "Bayangan". Next came Francesca Peters with "Kau Lilin Cintaku". Very touching song and excellent performance by the legendary singer . "Hingga Ke Akhir Waktu" next by Frans with extra rapping by Triple Noize.

Papa Rock Ramli Sarip with "Bukan Kerana Nama". Ok-ok performance with a different style. He should sang his other song, instead of singing the same old song. It make us fell boring, Taufik Batisah sang that same song at APM2005.

Iskandar Ismail and Vince next. Vince's "Bebas Ku" song was sang by Eiss and jointed by Vince towards the end. Never heard of this song before. Boring song. Vince turn to sing Eiss's "Keranamu" with Eiss came back at the end of the song. Another boring song! I just hopes that the next performance will not as boring as this one.

The waited idols performance was next by Taufik Batisah and Jaclyn Victor with "My Boo". Saw the Taufik Batisah FC enjoying themselve dancing and singing along. Some of Taufik's fans surely feel jeolous when they saw Jac trying to tackle Taufik on the stage by singing too close to him.

Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh) and Jalil Hamid entertainted us with a comedien sketch with sexy Candy Choo (Sharon Au). Don't play-play, very funny you know.

An instrumental "Jeritan Batinku" performance by our own pretty violinist Yap Yen and the Malaysian Mohram. Zzz… very nice music that will make you sleep.

Traditional songs next with "Raikan Cinta" by Dayang Nurfaizah and "Nyanyian Serambi" by Ramli Sarip. Excellent performances with the zapin dancers.

"Goyang" next by Ruffedge with extra rapping performance by Triple Noize again.

Eka Mairina's hit "Ladidadida" next with extra "fashion show" models and Cats Ruffedge rapping at "Dayang Sayang Kamu" by Dayang Nurfaizah.

Daphne, Leandra, Jessea and Christopher next "Get Down" with extra performance by Vince.

So many X-trasss.. well done Muzika Ekstravaganza!

Finally, the performance we had been waiting for.. "Dia Dihati" and "Seindah Biasa" with Siti Nurhaliza lifted from the secret underground stage. Excellent performance by Siti Nurhaliza with once awhile waving at Siti Nurhaliza FC! Excellent cheering by Siti Nurhaliza FC too. Oh no, my face was on national tv! 2 seconds of fame.. hehe.. Taufik Batisah with "Let's Stay Together".

Taufik Batisah got his wish came through when he was dueting with Siti Nurhaliza… ehmm.. actually it was all the artists singing together with "Sinaran".

At the end of the show, we had a great funs by waving and cheering at all the artists especially Siti Nurhaliza until one makcik who jaga the place told us to get out of the theatre because she can't tahan with the noises. If you can't take the noises, why must you work there? Go and find another joblah! Maybe we should complain to the Mediacorp.

I also heard that some peoples at the back of us were not happy with us, the SNFC. If you don't like, don't bother to come and watch it, stay at home and watch it on your TV set!

Well done Suria. Keep it up! Next show will be on this October at Malaysia.


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