Happy Friday, the 13th!

13 May

Actually it's not a happy friday. It the end of my favourite Red Devil…
Red Football Limited had acquired 75,736,960 Manchester United Shares on 12 May 2005. To date, American tycoon Malcolm Glazer had acquired a total of 189,221,813 (71.8%) Manchester United Shares.

After 18 years at Old Trafford, we can say bye-bye to Sir Alex Ferguson.
After 13 years, I may need to say bye-bye to Man Utd!

What will happened to Man Utd then?
Will MU become debt-ridden club?
Will a mass BOYCOTT of games and money-spinning merchandise occurs?
Will we now join the MC fans?
Will we set up a NEW club?

Let's walk away from the club in order to wreck Glazer's plans!
Don't buy MU merchandise in a bid to hit revenue streams and prevent Glazer repaying his loans!

20-05-2005 : Another Special Day!
22-05-2005 : Vesak Day
23-05-2005 : Holiday!

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