Siti Nurhaliza Singapore LIVE Concert 2005

19 May


Wondering how can the $350 tickets been SOLD OUT when the tickets will be only available on 25 May 2005? It's the X-treme front seat rows! Who booked it? Was it the Datok and Tuanku??

Don't really like the venue of the show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The Singapore Indoor Stadium is suitable for sport competitions only.

If you are at the East, you will be facing the audiences at the West! And the West audiences will be facing to you. You will have a neck pains after the show if you try to tilt your head to where the stage is. If you are at the North, the stage will be very far away.

For Balcony ($55) seating which is at the top level, your view will only limited to the Big Screen.

Not sure how the Arena seating will be. But the best seat should be the Premier areas which cost from $185 to $350.

Lastly, the rule : Camera with Flash, Video recording and Audio recording is not allowed for this event !

Which camera does not have a flash??? Handphone camera?


To Siti Nurhaliza fans: As Siti Nurhaliza will be having a concert in Singapore, we are inviting you to be a member of Siti Nurhaliza Fan-Club for this event. For more info, please click here.

We will be organising a chalet and BBQ at Sentosa Costa Sands after the show.

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