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What a hat-trick!!!

22 Jul

Managed to see Siti Nurhaliza 3 days in a row.. On tuesday, i met her before she was going for her rehersal at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at around 9pm. Too bad, the security was very tight that I decided to go "home".

Yesterday, the overall show was excellent. I don't need to tell you about her performance. What a waste for those who can't go. About the ticket sales, as per expected, the venue was not fully-booked. All the balcony (S$55) ticket's holders got the chance to see Siti Nurhaliza a bit closer. It was totally empty at the balcony areas. The terrace areas? Only a few patches of empty seats. Roughtly about 6,500 Siti Nurhaliza's fans were at the stadium.


"Yes.. you with that Sony camera!", Siti was pointing to me..

What i thought about the concert? Honestly, i like this kind of freedom they give us. We were allowed to use our camera's flash. Thanks to the Siti Zoner's organiser too for giving me a better seat to snap Siti Nurhaliza's photos.


Siti was giving a flying kiss to me! Sorry, picture blur abit..

Really appreciates that Siti Nurhaliza remembered that because of the Singaporean that her stardom start to glow. Yes, she remembered that the Singaporean awarded her the very first award in her life. The recognition had open the malaysian peoples' and medias' eyes.

The concert ended at 11pm. But because of the "Siti Zoner" who chanted "We Want More….", Siti Nurhaliza and her musicians had no choice but to come out again and give us a really special last song "Percayalah".


"Don't cry Siti.. I will love you always". Siti Nurhaliza was too sad to leave me…

Today, I had to wake up early in the morning to catch her at the airport. She was as usually in a rush for her plane that we got only 5 minutes to do what we had to do. 9.45am, she had gone to the restricted area.


"So many love letters huh Siti? Alud, rilex brother, don't look at me like that. I'm the good guylah. Hepinyer Siti" haha..

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Revenge of Siti Nurhaliza

20 Jul

At last, after 5 years, Siti Nurhaliza came back with a solo concert. Two hours show.

Venue : Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time : 8.30pm
Dress Code: Red Alert

Seat Area : A16 (Arena) – $145


Total Seating Capacity : 7,968


Ticket Sales : A few hours before the show.


Cuti Cuti Malaysia – Truely Asia

2 Jul


Date : 1st – 3rd July 2005
Destination : Ipoh (Perak – Malaysia)
Map : Interactive Map
Transportations : Sri Maju (RM48) & Starstrip Quest (RM40)
Hotel : Excelsior Hotel (RM188 – Superior)
Dinners : Vivo American Pizza & Panini & Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe
Attraction : Lost World of Tambun Water Park (RM21 – 25% discount)