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Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

26 Aug


The performance will be coming to the Singapore soon!

Philips Carnival Sale Is Back Again!

25 Aug


Don’t forget to bring all your family and friends!!!

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

23 Aug

Just came back from Golden Village Bishan watching KANK (Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna meaning Never Say Goodbye). Not so many people at the theater, about less than 50 peoples were at the 8.30 pm show. That why the ticket is expensive (SGD10) than the english movies.


The story is about Dev Saran (Shah Rukh Khan) and Maya Talwar (Rani Mukherji) who was marriaged to Rhea Saran (Preity Zinta) and Rishi Talwar (Abhishek Bachchan) respectively, only found out that they are marrying to the wrong guys. I hope Datin Siti Nurhaliza did not make the same mistake as them.

Cool jokes. Sad and happy ending. Too bad the songs are not as nice like Fanaa. Or else I would had given 10 out of 10 rating.

With 6 popular actors/actresses plus special featuring by Kajol during the party time, no wonder it was India’s most expensive Hindi film which cost astronomical Rs 70 crore.

Two words from Imraneo : ” Rani’s hot. ”

Four words from Putera Emas : ” Zinta’s butt power dok! “

PutraWorks The Last 30 Days

10 Aug



Slow Internet?

9 Aug

Subscribe Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) with the 12 months Welcome Plan at SGD76 (Actual subscription SGD96.

On June 7 2006, I received a letter from Starhub Online Pte Ltd that they now gives us even greater value for money service.

MaxOnline 2000 is now MaxOnline 4000! From July 1, we are able to surf the internet at faster combined download speeds of up to 4000 kbps with monthly MaxOnline subscription at SGD58.80.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I host a server using SCV MaxOnline?
The running of servers, especially FTP servers, is not allowed as it consumes a large amount of bandwidth. The SCV MaxOnline service is provided via network nodes serving 500 to 2000 homes. As such, the running of servers will cause congestion in the network, affecting connection, upload and download speeds for others users.

Conditions of subscription to SCV MaxOnline Service:

Condition 10.1 : Customer hereby acknowledges and accepts that as with any network, actual downstream speed when using the Service is affected by many factors including without limitation:-
(a) overall network traffic condition;
(b) performance and configuration of Customer’s computer or equipment connected to the Network;
(c) type of data accessed, whether non-cached or cached data;
(d) location and configuration of accessed server; and
(e) performance characteristics of each component of the data network, the number of users and the extent of all users’ compliance with these Conditions.

Condition 10.2 Customer further acknowledges that SCV does not warrant or give any guarantee on data transfer speed. SCV hereby excludes all warranties, whether express or implied by law, regardong the use of the Service (including without limitation the accessibility, reliability or accuracy of the Service) and the performance and/or condition of the Network.

9th August 2006 – 17:48
238.9 Kbps – You 238.9 kbps
194.6 kilobits per second
Your current bandwidth reading is: 151.70kbps
Java Required!
Others Speed Tests

Net Tools:


9 Aug


To all Bollywood fans, do watch this movie, cause they have very nice songs here!

Flashback : Genting Highlands 2005

8 Aug

Here are the videos while we were at the Genting Highlands a year ago.

Part 1

Part 2

Singapore National Song – Majulah Singapura

7 Aug
Let us practise the song together with Olivia before National Day Parade 2006 start! Video from Yano San

XDA Atom Orange

3 Aug

Imraneo holding the new Atom Orange

Check out the review here ->

Printing Service

1 Aug