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Vicom Inspection & Road Tax

30 Sep

Inspection – SGD 16.80
1 Year Road Tax – SGD 80

Vicom Inspection & Road Tax

30 Sep

Inspection – SGD 16.80
1 Year Road Tax – SGD 80

Melayu Rules Singapore Idol Again!

26 Sep

Congratulation Hady Mirza! With about 700,000 votes out of a million, you are now the next Singapore Idol!

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Congratulation Hady Mirza’ fans! You voted the right person again for the second time at the Singapore Idol final. Download the video here ->

HadyMirza.Com anyone?

Wait Another 6 More Years Lah…

25 Sep

From SGD7,000 four years ago, now you only worth SGD1,400 – SGD1,500. A new one without COE will cost SGD4,700 at Boon Siew and SGD5,200 at Chek Kong.

You Give Me Wings

24 Sep

Jonathan Leong gave a superb performance for his first opening song Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars at the Singapore Idol 2 final, BUT… BUT… It was Hady Mirza who saved the day with a sensational and inspirational closing performance for the special composed song “You Give Me Wings” at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. He deserved that song and be the next Singapore Idol Champion!

For those who missed his performance, see it again here. Vote For HADY MIRZA!!!


23 Sep

Air Filter – SGD 35
Engine Oil – SGD 15 x 2
Service Carbarator – SGD 30
Tighten Chain – SGD 2

Low Sook Yee Is The “One In A Million” winner!

23 Sep


A 16 years old student from Seremban (Malaysia) became a millionaire after a couple of months of hard work in 8tv “One In A Million” program. Congratulation Suki! I know you will win it.


Thank you 8tv for this ideal program and not so boring format where there are only two permanent professional judges (Syafinas and Paul Moss). With “Vote In” and “Vote Out”, it make the voting system fair. It also changed Dayang Nurfaizah from being a boring singer to a great sexy performer. But I would like to see that the judges were given the chance to eleminate one of the bottom two least voted contestants. Something like Anugerah Skrin did.


To Suki, help yourself before you help all the people who need it with the amount of money you had won.


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Olivia Ong’s Youtube

20 Sep

The Olivia Ong’s video that I posted a couple of months ago at youtube had become one of the most talkable video.

Check out the review here by one of the stuff at NUS.

Check Out This SGD2,500 50″ Plasma TV

15 Sep

The owner posing at the new 50″ HD Ready Plasma TV with Pixel Plus.

More pictures at Wonder how much the electric bill will be…….

To The Final…

15 Sep

It was predictable that Hady Mirza and Jonathan Leong will be in the final. But I prefered Hady and Jasmine Tye to be the top two. Why Hady and Jasmine? Hardy because he can sing all type of genres very well. The BEST PERFORMANCE ALL SEASON! Jasmine because she cute, pretty, got the package and she improves week by week. Jonathan abit boring singer who best only when singing rock/heavy songs.

So guys and gurls, please vote for Hady Mirza!

Histories were created again :

1. Finalists were both MALE
2. Finalists were MALAY and CHINESE
3. 3rd placing was FEMALE
4. Clashing of Rock vs RnB

Will the next Singapore Idol be a MALAY again? I hope so. Why malay? I will tell you later.

Picture from Singapore Idol website

Top 12 : Norman Then
Top 11 : Gayle Nerva
Top 10 : Emilee Kang
Top 09 : Jay Lim
Top 08 : Rahimah Rahim
Top 07 : Mathilda D’Siva
Top 06 : Nurul Maideen
Top 05 : Joakim Gomez
Top 04 : Paul Twohill
Top 03 : Jasmine Tye