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Raya Walk

30 Oct

Went to Amin and Imraneo’s house on the first week of hari raya.

RIP : ICQ days

26 Oct

Who still use ICQ chat? Popular during my polytechnic days, now this account (49028704) is no longer in use. Same with the other friends – 65621898, 45292388, 65876741, 20248786, 8271214, 33721162, 48279103, 61523996, 66213592, 60789791, 47196376 and 58427712.

Pocket Harddisk

25 Oct

Went to Sim Lim Square today. Bought a Samsung HDD 80GB 5400RPM Notebook for SGD112 plus external SMART 2.5 inch Hard Disc Drive Enclosure (SGD25). Total price SGD137. Bought also a Seagate HDD 80GB for SGD117 for a colleague.

It took one and a half hours to transfer 5Gb of data to the usb harddisk.

Geylang Serai – Heaven Of Foods

23 Oct

Date : 17 October 2006
Time : 2118 hrs
Place : Geylang Serai (Singapore)

Secebis Lebaran

21 Oct

Enjoy this video from Singapore Stars such as Ahli Fiqir, Lady E, Anugerah Finalists, Aaron Aziz and more…

My SouthPark Character

17 Oct


Thanks to

To create your own character, visit this link ->

So You Think You Can Dance?

11 Oct

Tokyo Drift – Teriyaki Girls

Left Girl (white skirt) – She SUX! Dancing without following the music!

Center Girl (fat one) – She not bad…

Right Girl (blue skirt) – She can REALLY dance!