Accident Happens Anywhere

8 Dec

Date : 7th December 2006
Time : 6:20 pm – 6:30 pm

Decided to ride on a different route back to home…..

Approached Gombak MRT station, a T-Junction and turn right. Heard a horn from somewhere, turn my head to left and saw a motorbike beside. Suddently feel like my back tyre skidded, feel like more grafity pull on my right side and there goes me and my bike on the middle of the road…

My knee hit the rough surface road i quickly gather all my strength and push myself up, off the bike and walk to the side of the road. A car passed by me and the lady inside asked me if i need an ambulance. I said thank and say i ok and they drove away

An indian guy came and asked me the same question, and i reply the same. He helped to pull up my bike with the help of his friend and pushed it to the side of the road. I thanked them and they continued thier journey home.

My jean was torn at the knee area. Rilex myself for a while and ride home.

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