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WinTV-HVR 900 Hybrid TV Stick

31 Mar

Other than the 2 A1Pro stuffs, I also bought the Hauppauge analogue + digital TV tunner. Got the cheapest price from one of the indian shop at Sim Lim Square at SGD145. Other shops selling around SGD147 to SGD149.


After installing the A1Pro stuffs, I unpack the WinTV-HVR 900 Hybrid TV Stick box.


Here is the included DVB-T antenna.

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A1Pro Gadgets

30 Mar

Today I bought 2 A1Pro stuffs for my Black Knight. Never thought they got innovative computer stuffs.


Firstly the 4-port USB Hub that cost SGD15. Not like the traditional hubs where the gaps between each ports are close to each other and you need an extra cables to hook up your fat USB devices.


With this A1Pro, you can connect the devices in the 180 degree angle and you can also connect the USB hub in 360 degree position and on any USB slot of your notebook. It also have the power jack input to supply extra voltage if you need to.


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No AC3 Audio Filter

28 Mar


Same as Windows 2000, Vista did not have the AC3 Audio filter.

No Java Installed

27 Mar


Vista IE7 does not come with Java. Need to download it at Sun Microsystems.

Java Virtual Machine

Java VM

Vista Headache

26 Mar

Still learning Window Vista since 2 weeks ago after I bought my Black Knight 12.1″ Widescreen Premium Piano Black Design notebook.


Anyway, for those who need help, you can download this pdf for more infos.

Tips here -> &

Favourite Websites

24 Mar

Last year i frequently read this 3 websites. This year i had this 3 more favourites.

A Singapore own cartoonist that just own a blog a few months ago. Favourited because of his “Enjet Semut-Semut” flash cartoon. Wondering how he got so much ideas to create the cartoons.

A place to update your brain with new IT stuffs.

Jokes & Cartoons to ease your stress.

iBank with DBS

23 Mar

Today I received the DBS iB Secure Device. How secure can this device be? We shall wait and see.


It come with 4 skin stickers to change the look of the device.

DVD Subtitle Extractor

20 Mar

Using SubRip, this site show how to do it.

PA 4 – on – 4 Football Tournament 2007

18 Mar

Form a team of 4 to brave the exciting modified Football Challenge! Registration starts now and closing date for application is on 23 March 07.


Date : 14 April 2007
Time : 14:30
Venue : Fico Sports Hub ( Jurong West St 25 )
Contact Detail : 6340 5299 or email to

M1 Did It Again!

14 Mar

I was thinking to subscribe the M1 Broadband, when I saw the “5GB Free Data Bundle” message. After all it is not an unlimited wireless broadband! It may be unlimited area access service, but not unlimited wireless data transfer service.

Additional 1GB will cost SGD4 up to limit 10GB. So for a “Broadband 384”, it will cost SGD22 + SGD40 = SGD66!!!

Read bad reviews here and here and here.

Latest News:

M1 to drop ‘unlimited’ from plans

By Roland Lim – 01 March 2007
The Business Times

FOLLOWING customer complaints that its ‘unlimited’ wireless broadband access plan launched in December last year was not truly unlimited, M1 yesterday announced that it intends to drop the ‘unlimited’ from its plans and, instead, put in a 5 GB per month free download cap.

The change, which will kick in from April 1, will affect the more than 10,000 customers currently on its M1 Broadband service.

Customers who exceed the 5 GB limit will have to pay $4 per GB for an additional 5 GB of downloads, after which ‘they will be advised by M1 to keep within the limit as they may otherwise face suspension of service’. ‘We will also explain that we will not be able to support those who have needs beyond the capacity that we can offer,’ said an M1 spokesman.

‘We have imposed a cap of 10 GB to ensure that we will be able to offer a satisfactory level of service to all our broadband customers,’ said the spokesman. ‘Our findings indicate that 98 per cent of customers do not need or use more than 5 GB of data.

Currently, M1 has a ‘fair use policy’ that limits its ‘unlimited’ wireless broadband plans to free downloads of up to 2 GB, after which M1 could charge the user additional usage charges. However, M1 said in its statement yesterday that in practice, no customer has ever had to pay extra for exceeding the 2 GB-usage limit.

The monthly subscriptions for the three M1 Broadband plans will remain at $22, $38 and $68 for download speeds of up to 384 Kbps, 1.8 Mbps and 3.6 Mbps respectively.

Earlier this year, Neil Montefiore, chief executive of M1, said that its M1 Broadband service is expected to help it grow data revenue.

M1’s wireless broadband access service operates on its high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) cellular network, which is commonly referred to as 3.5G technology. M1 is the only telco here to offer a commercial HSDPA service.

This article first appeared in BT on March 01, 2007