A1Pro Gadgets

30 Mar

Today I bought 2 A1Pro stuffs for my Black Knight. Never thought they got innovative computer stuffs.


Firstly the 4-port USB Hub that cost SGD15. Not like the traditional hubs where the gaps between each ports are close to each other and you need an extra cables to hook up your fat USB devices.


With this A1Pro, you can connect the devices in the 180 degree angle and you can also connect the USB hub in 360 degree position and on any USB slot of your notebook. It also have the power jack input to supply extra voltage if you need to.


The 2nd is the 3D Wireless Optical Mouse – Rechargeable.


It’s a best buy for a SGD19 wireless notebook mouse.


The package came with the receiver, USB battery charger rollable cable and 2 Ni-MH AAA 800mAh 1.2V rechargeable batteries.


Easy to install the batteries. By pressing the upper frontage of the decorate block, the rear cover will disjoin. First time charging is 8 hours and 4 hours after that. For better long life mouse, they recommended to use No.7/1.5V batteries. When you are run out of batteries, just connect the USB rechargeable wire to your mouse, and you can continue using your mouse while charging.


Setting up the mouse is simple. Connect the receiver to your USB slot. Press the recognition button on the bottom of the mouse and then the recognition button on the receiver. With 256 changeable recognition connect code, your mouse is free from interference by other wireless device.

The mouse will automatically switch off when on idle state to save batteries usage. To activate back the mouse, just click the mouse left button and your mouse is free to be use again.

There is a receiver slot to keep your receiver and it act as power off button when the receiver is fully in. To release out the receiver, press the top button and the receiver will spring out automatically.

4 Responses to “A1Pro Gadgets”

  1. MatRock April 2, 2007 at 10:37 am #

    If you’re a heavey user of mouse like me the battery life is not very long 2 alkaline batteries can last aroud a week at least. Otherwise it will last longer 🙂

  2. Putera Emas April 4, 2007 at 9:28 pm #

    Hehe.. the cheap rechargable batt included last about 1 day only. will try with the better one later.

  3. Sim Lim Tower May 6, 2007 at 12:50 pm #

    I am from Hong Kong. I have had 2 bad encounters in Sim Lim Tower while shopping in Singapore.

    1st experience was about 3 or 4 years ago. I went to shop for a memory stick at Sim Lim Tower G/F (some where just oposite the money changer boot). The first shop I went in to make inquiry about the prices (unlike Hong Kong, no price is displayed), the salesmen were unhappy about too much asking about prices, and gave me a very rude feedback and wording. So I just walked away to the nex shop. In this 2nd shop, same process of enquiries, I was not satisfied of the price, though, I had intended to buy but to make sure of the exchange rate, took up a calculator from the table of the shop. I was so astonished that the shop keeper just SNATCHED OFF the calculator from my hand! and scolded me bad words.
    My 2nd encounter in Sim Lim Tower was on 9.4.2007. My brother wanted to buy a digital camera with imprintable date. He brought me to Sim Lim Tower! I warned him of my bad experience, he didn’t belief it. To avoid the G/F experience, this time we walked up straight to 2/F. A few walk on 2/F, we went into a shop ‘Mobile Hot’ right in front of the escalator. 2 shop keepers where in there, one chinese and one indian. We were serviced by the Indian. After expressing our need, that is date imprint, he shown to us Sony N1. I expressed in doubt, he shown me the so called ‘date imprint’ at the LCD display, which was totally wrong. Just a few explanation by me of the basic need for the DC, he rose his temper immediately and scolded us ‘IDIOT’ !!!!!!


    I would rather buy in Hong Kong… people are so courteous now. Prices are displayed at conspicously location.

    Even if you are buying a copy of newspaper worth hk$6, a shop keeper would say ‘Thankyou’ on receiving your money, and ‘Thankyou’ again when you have change. You will hear ‘Thankyou’ from many services you get in Hong Kong.

    I realised I don’t even get a ‘Thank you’ after buying toys for my kids in Changi Airport!

    Sim Lim Tower (DON’T BUY HERE)

  4. Putera Emas May 6, 2007 at 1:49 pm #

    It’s not Sim Lim Tower. Sim Lim Tower is a place you buy electronic components such as resistors. I think you are refering to Sim Lim Square where they sell electronic and computer stuffs.

    Normally i will skip the first 2 floors of SLS. Most of the shops’ staffs at that levels are rude and don’t talk in a nice pleasant way. But I discovered that there are some nice shops there.

    One of the shops is Nobel Photo & Electronics at level 2. I bought my camera there and i’m happy with the service. At level 1, you can go to Alan Photo. My friend got a good price for his camera there. Please note that most shops will not tell you the price is without including GST.

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