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DVD Subtitle Extractor

20 Mar

Using SubRip, this site show how to do it.

PA 4 – on – 4 Football Tournament 2007

18 Mar

Form a team of 4 to brave the exciting modified Football Challenge! Registration starts now and closing date for application is on 23 March 07.


Date : 14 April 2007
Time : 14:30
Venue : Fico Sports Hub ( Jurong West St 25 )
Contact Detail : 6340 5299 or email to

M1 Did It Again!

14 Mar

I was thinking to subscribe the M1 Broadband, when I saw the “5GB Free Data Bundle” message. After all it is not an unlimited wireless broadband! It may be unlimited area access service, but not unlimited wireless data transfer service.

Additional 1GB will cost SGD4 up to limit 10GB. So for a “Broadband 384”, it will cost SGD22 + SGD40 = SGD66!!!

Read bad reviews here and here and here.

Latest News:

M1 to drop ‘unlimited’ from plans

By Roland Lim – 01 March 2007
The Business Times

FOLLOWING customer complaints that its ‘unlimited’ wireless broadband access plan launched in December last year was not truly unlimited, M1 yesterday announced that it intends to drop the ‘unlimited’ from its plans and, instead, put in a 5 GB per month free download cap.

The change, which will kick in from April 1, will affect the more than 10,000 customers currently on its M1 Broadband service.

Customers who exceed the 5 GB limit will have to pay $4 per GB for an additional 5 GB of downloads, after which ‘they will be advised by M1 to keep within the limit as they may otherwise face suspension of service’. ‘We will also explain that we will not be able to support those who have needs beyond the capacity that we can offer,’ said an M1 spokesman.

‘We have imposed a cap of 10 GB to ensure that we will be able to offer a satisfactory level of service to all our broadband customers,’ said the spokesman. ‘Our findings indicate that 98 per cent of customers do not need or use more than 5 GB of data.

Currently, M1 has a ‘fair use policy’ that limits its ‘unlimited’ wireless broadband plans to free downloads of up to 2 GB, after which M1 could charge the user additional usage charges. However, M1 said in its statement yesterday that in practice, no customer has ever had to pay extra for exceeding the 2 GB-usage limit.

The monthly subscriptions for the three M1 Broadband plans will remain at $22, $38 and $68 for download speeds of up to 384 Kbps, 1.8 Mbps and 3.6 Mbps respectively.

Earlier this year, Neil Montefiore, chief executive of M1, said that its M1 Broadband service is expected to help it grow data revenue.

M1’s wireless broadband access service operates on its high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) cellular network, which is commonly referred to as 3.5G technology. M1 is the only telco here to offer a commercial HSDPA service.

This article first appeared in BT on March 01, 2007

I’m Next To Kiss Goodbye

11 Mar

It’s time for a change. I’m not going to renew my contract. I think the moment has come for me to put an end to my time at the company and leave them to start a new project.

IT Show 2007

8 Mar


Went to Suntec City Exhibition Centre for this year IT Show 2007. Looking for my dream notebook, but haven’t decided which one to buy. Anyone can recommend me a 12″ Intel Core 2 Duo with Window Vista Premium laptop? Will buy one on this saturday or sunday. Check the prices here.

BTW, here are some pictures I took at the IT Show. Enjoys….

Crowd at the Playstation 3 booth

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Time To Work Again

4 Mar

Took 8 days leave after the Chinese New Year to make a very long break from 17th Febuary untill 4th March to treat myself a birthday break. Great, no one remember my birthday on 1st March except the AIA company and the job agencies. A total of 16 non-working days! Too bad I did not have any plan to go for a holiday oversea due to some disaster at Malaysia and Indonesia.

So I eat and sleep for the past 16 days, not really lor… went picnic with family on CNY, went to fix a new handlebar for SDG48, washed and polished my bike and bought a new mattress for SGD155.

Tomorrow, need to start work again… soo malas… thinking of taking 1 more week of leave after Good Friday, another 10 days of non-working days… yahoo…

Amy Mastura

3 Mar

Amy Mastura Binte Suhaimi menjadi kekasih aku yang kedua selepas Nor Zila Binti Haji Aminuddin (Ella). Dilahirkan di Perak (Malaysia) pada 10 Mei 1971, bintang Amy Mastura mula bersinar ketika usianya 22 tahun setelah beliau memenangi pertandingan akhir Asia Bagus yang ketiga di Jepun pada tahun 1993.

Di bawah syarikat Pony Canyon, beliau merakamkan sebuah album bertajuk Amy Mastura pada tahun 1994. Jawapan Kasih dan Kasih menjadi siulan peminat-peminatnya. Pada tahun 1996 pula, Amy Mastura melahirkan album keduanya Pujaanku dengan lagu Kasih Kita menjadi hit di corong radio.


Selepas album keduanya, minat aku terus beralih kepada kekasihku yang ketiga (you should know who). Aku terus terlepas membeli album-album Puteri (1997), Puteri Impian II (1998), Bintang Hati (2000), Akan Datang (2002), album kompulasi Keunggulan dan album terakhirnya Lebih Baik pada tahun 2005.

Walaupun aku tidak lagi membeli album-albumnya, aku masih mengikuti perkembangannya menerusi filem-filem yang dilakonkannya seperti Puteri Impian (1997), Puteri Impian 2 (1998), Toll Gate Girl (2001), Bintang Hati (2004) dan Cinta 3 Musim (2004) selain drama sitkom Puteri (2006).

Antara lagu-lagu yang aku suka:
1. Bingung
2. Bulan Bintang
3. Cinta
4. Diam-Diam Rindu
5. Diantara Cinta
6. Kasih Kita
7. Kata Mama
8. Sha Na Na
9. Bicara Hati
10. Bintang Hati
11. Gema Rembulan
12. Hati Berlagu
13. Istimewa
14. Jawapan Kasih
15. Kasih Suci
16. Kasih
17. Kelip-kelip
18. Lagu Untukmu
19. Meniti Hari
20. Satu Dalam Sejuta
21. Siapalah Aku
22. Tiada Ragu
23. Warkah Biru

Pernah bertugas sebagai pramugari di MAS dan menjadi VJ MTV Syok. Pada 1996, beliau berduet bersama Tommy Page untuk lagu The Best Part.

Kali terakhir aku melihat Amy Mastura secara lansung semasa beliau menjayakan Singapore Expo pada tahun 2002 dimana aku kesana kerana mahu melihat kekasih ketiga aku, tetapi ditipu oleh pihak penganjur. Baca kisahnya disini.

Infomasi lanjut mengenai Amy Mastura disini. Video-video Amy Mastura.