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G Drive Setup

30 Apr


connect as : code1\login_id

PIMP My Desktop PC, VISTA!

29 Apr

8.45am : Start to install the Windows Vista Ultimate on my Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.60Ghz desktop PC before I take my bath. After 45 minutes later, Windows Vista loaded without any problem.


Next step is to install the 3Com EtherLink 10/100 PCI TX NIC (3C905B-TX) driver because Windows Vista do not come with the required driver. 3Com website also did not provide with the Vista driver. Luckily got this 3Com Etherlink XL 3C90x Adapter Driver from Windows Marketplace. It works great and now I’m able to connect to the internet to update the Windows Vista updates.

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KL MENJERIT 2007 : Off Budget

11 Apr

Here the budget for 4 days 3 nights for 3 person that was created by Imraneo before we move to KL:

Car : RM 657
Gas : RM 120
Tolls : RM 120
Hotel : RM 240

Here what the real costs:

Car : RM 675
Gas : RM 154.44
Tolls : RM 123.60
Hotel : RM 374

Total Cost : RM 1327.04

Due to the car rental’s statergy, we forked out RM18 more. RM34.44 for the GPS confusion that make the car eat up more gas. The tolls quite accurate but we can make it less if we went back the same way we went to Sepang F1 Circuit. About the hotel, we planned to get a budget inn as Amino keep on mumbling on the $$$ spent and wanted to take the bus instead.

Total each person spend is RM 442.34 = SGD 196.59

KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 4 : Berjaya TimeSquare and Johore Bahru

10 Apr

Destination : Orkid Hotel -> Berjaya TimeSquare -> Johore Bahru -> Singapore
Date : Sunday, 9th April 2007

Time : 9.30am

We were late for breakfast!

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KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 3 : Suria KLCC, Sepang F1 Circuit, Berjaya TimeSquare and Bukit Bintang

9 Apr

Destination : Orkid Hotel -> Suria KLCC -> Sepang International Circuit -> Berjaya TimeSquare -> Jalan Bukit Bintang
Date : Sunday, 8th April 2007

Time : 9.15am

Breakfast is the same as yesterday but today they served Fried Mee Hoon instead of Fried Kuey Tieow.

Time : 9.55am

We start our way to the Suria KLCC to buy the F1 tickets.

One of Suria KLCC Entrance

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KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 2 : Genting Highlands and Suria KLCC

8 Apr

Destination : Orkid Hotel -> Genting Highlands -> Suria Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC)
Date : Saturday, 7th April 2007

Time : 8:45am

Posing with the “I Love Patents” jacket that was awarded to Putera Emas by his company

Imraneo posing with his F.B.I shirt

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KL MENJERIT 2007 – Day 1 : Johore Bahru, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur

7 Apr

Ringgit Malaysia $$$ = SGD249.77 * 2.25 = RM562
Destination : Singapore -> Johore Bahru -> Malacca -> Kuala Lumpur
Date : Friday, 6th April 2007

Time : 8.30am
Yeah! We are back to KL again since the last time we went there in 2005. This time we are going to drive there using a Malaysian car. Waited Imraneo and Amino at the Kranji MRT since 8.20am. They were late again. 8.35am, Imraneo came with his trolley bag. This time Amino was the last one to come at 8.50am. Took bus 170 to the check-point and it was a very long queue at the Johore side. Due to today is a Good Friday, most Singaporeans will spend their time on Malaysia’s land. About noon time, we got our passports stamped. We checked our passports for valid custom stamps to make sure that we will be able to get back to Singapore without any trouble.

Time : 12.30pm
We reached the ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad at Jalan Tebrau and were told that our booked Proton Wira is not available and we need to upgrade to Toyota Vios. WTF, we booked it 2 weeks ago and when we reached there, the admin guy say the Wira is not available. Don’t know whether it a bussiness statergy to make more money. The agreed rate for a Wira is RM164 per day and a deposit of RM500, but for the Vios, the rate is RM168 and a deposit of RM1000. We got no choice but to go ahead with the Vios. After settling up with all the admin stuffs, the admin guy bring us to the car and do a mark on all the scratches on the car to a piece of paper.

Time : 1.30pm
Went to an Indian eating shop nearby the Orix to have our breakfast cum lunch before we headed to the North South Highway toward Kuala Lumpur.

Lunch $$$ = White Rice, Curry and Fry Chicken (RM5.50) + Coke (RM1.60) = RM7.10

The 2 agents : Amino & Imraneo

The North South Highway

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5 Apr

I Will Be On Internet Leave from 6th April to 9th April 2007.