Good Friday or Bad Friday?

6 Jul

An accident almost happen in front of my eyes this morning. The bike infront of me almost hit the car that was driven by a lady when she cut to the extreme right of the expressway without giving any warning. Mother fucking bitch! The trafic flow is slow and she don’t have the patience to drive slowly.

With the increase number of motobike accidents, I think this kind of accidents can be avoided if the LTA make a small lane for the motobikes. Sometime I think other countries such as Malaysia have the best road systems, eg motorbike lane at the highway and count down counter traffic lights system.

Then on my way to park my bike at the underground carpark at my company, i stopped my bike before parking at the motobike area, suddenly, one mother fucking car driver horned loudly at me. I was shocked and I turned back and shown my fist at him. This fucker can’t even wait for me to park my bike.

I parked my bike and starred at him. He stopped his car but did not dare to come out. I waited for him, and shown a “why” hand signal. He just starred and walked off. I was waiting for him to say a word before i blast my anger at him. Luckily he don’t dare to say a word.


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