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ImageStation Closing

30 Sep

Another online photo service is going down. On February 1st, 2008 Sony will be closing the ImageStation® online photo service. They are working with Shutterfly to transfer all photos at the new home.

Other options:
a) Download full-resolution original photos and video one-by-one.
b) Download all your full-resolution original photos and video automatically using their free download application.

As I had transfered all my Yahoo’s photos to Shutterfly, I will probably download all the photos before I upload them to another free online photo service.

BlogRush Revamp

29 Sep


Just less than two weeks of running, BlogRush decided to rush a BIG changes to fix their system.

Read John Reese the founder long email below.

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WordPress 2.3 “Dexter”

25 Sep

Finally WordPress dot org released their latest stable WordPress.

They had included native tagging support, plugin update notification, URL handling improvements and much more in this release.

I can say “Thank You & GoodBye” to TechTags Plugin.

They said they are using the new jQuery whis is “800% faster.” and over 351 tickets in Trac closed in this release.

I will upgrade to this version soon, maybe by this weekend.

Last Chipster?

23 Sep

Got my another paid advertisement campaign from Nuffnang.

ImageShack : Chipster

The Chipster.Com.Sg campaign will run from 23 Sep 2007 to 29 Sep 2007.

Annual Spending

22 Sep

Today I went for my annual Honda Phantom TA2000 inspection. Cost SGD$18.15 just to bring my bike to the Vicom Inspection Centre.

After the inspection, I went to the motor shop to renew my motor insurance policy that cost SGD$191.00. The owner told me to withdraw my money from the ATM machine nearby because she do not want to pay 2% to the NET company.

Before going home, I bought a new pair of raincoat for SGD$45.00.

Still need to wait for my road tax letter before I can renew it. Stupid LTA! They should sent the letter together with the inspection letter, so I do not need to come down to Vicom again.

Flavored Rush

22 Sep

I joined BlogRush on 17th September 2007 and I don’t see how this “big thing” will help boost my blog traffic. What I see is the popular blogs will get more and more visitors while the poor blogs will be poorer and poorer unless they use eye-catching headlines on their title posts.


See that I’m now own them 36 credits! As they told me that they will be adding a bonus credit system that gives certain bonuses to the low traffic members like me, I will stay on and see whether it will improve my site.

Ways to cheat BlogRush : a) put a “auto refresh” script and let your blog refresh every 5 minutes on your pc. b) sign up under your own referal link in the pyramid way and put all the account widgets on your blog. c) hide the widgets on your blog to prevent your visitors from clicking other people links.

Good news for BlogRush’s members, they will soon introducing BlogRush “Flavors” in a few days time. Now you will be able to choose the colour of your choice to match the design of your blogs.

Sign up for your BlogRush here.

The Special One?

20 Sep

Jose Mourinho had finally thrown the towel because of Roman Abramovich! Can Chelsea be champion again? Who will replace him? I think Carlos Queiroz assistant manager of Manchester United will left and become manager of Chelsea.