Flavored Rush

22 Sep

I joined BlogRush on 17th September 2007 and I don’t see how this “big thing” will help boost my blog traffic. What I see is the popular blogs will get more and more visitors while the poor blogs will be poorer and poorer unless they use eye-catching headlines on their title posts.


See that I’m now own them 36 credits! As they told me that they will be adding a bonus credit system that gives certain bonuses to the low traffic members like me, I will stay on and see whether it will improve my site.

Ways to cheat BlogRush : a) put a “auto refresh” script and let your blog refresh every 5 minutes on your pc. b) sign up under your own referal link in the pyramid way and put all the account widgets on your blog. c) hide the widgets on your blog to prevent your visitors from clicking other people links.

Good news for BlogRush’s members, they will soon introducing BlogRush “Flavors” in a few days time. Now you will be able to choose the colour of your choice to match the design of your blogs.

Sign up for your BlogRush here.

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