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Make Money Online With ShoppingAds

31 Oct

Today the president of Patrick Gavin privately invited me to join his first ever CPC ad program called ShoppingAds.

ShoppingAds is a cost per click ad product powered by the major shopping comparison sites. Sound familiar? Yes, something like WidgetBucks!

Currently ShoppingAds is undergoing a private beta.

A4TECH Compact Multmedia X-SLim Keyboard

30 Oct

Went to Sim Lim Square today and bought a A4TECH Compact Multimedia X-Slim Keyboard for my laptop. Retail price at Laser Distributor Pte Ltd (#05-58) is SGD$16, but I got a SGD$1 discount.

A4TECH Compact Multimedia X-Slim Keyboard

Low profile, compact, takes less desktop space. Ideal keyboard for a tablet PC / standard PC. 7 hot keys, slim and no number pad. PC / USB / PS2. Limited 1 year warranty.

A4TECH Compact Multimedia X-Slim Keyboard

Compact slim profile. Great for desktop or travel. At just 1.5cm thickness and less than 2/3 the width and weight of a traditional keyboard, the KL-5 is a great space saver on your desktop and ideal for travel. Enhanced key stability with laser printing. Layer engraved keys ensure you will never lose key identity. 7 convenient hot keys: power, back, forward, fresh, home, search and e-mail.

A4TECH Compact Multimedia X-Slim Keyboard

I love the “Power” hot key, it shutdown my Windows Vista conveniently.

If They Say Get Out…

28 Oct

What will you do if the owner of the house you stay tell you to move out?

Find your own flat?

Since it will take sometime to get a new home, you can rent some place to keep you belongings.

Here are some storage facilities to consider:

Sounds Of The Underground

28 Oct

Sounds Of The Underground

Anyone want to download Hady Mirza’s song called “Jangan Memandu Di Pinggir Jalan”? You can download it legally at KPE Underground under the “Sounds Of The Underground” link.

Sounds Of The Underground

There are also songs sang by Don Richmond, Chris Ho, Faith Yang, Asha Edmund, Vanessa Fernandez, Alicia Pan, Sheikh Haikel, Shabir and David Tan (Electrico).

Sounds Of The Underground

Plus 2 Minus 2 My Google PageRanks

27 Oct

At last Google updated their PageRank for PutraWorks.Com. They awarded a PR2 for this domain. Now my blog is the same PR as Not bad right? This domain was registered on 7th May 2007 and all contents from wordpress were moved here. That wordpress blog had drop from PR4 to PR2.

Gained some loosed some. My SimplySiti.Com (registered on 6th July 2005) also drop from PR3 to become PR1! Ma Bad… I am monetizing that blog. Is it because of text-link? Maybe not because my fazura‘s blog do not have any money ads links, but still it went from PR3 to PR2. My new domain is PR0. Hehehe.. I just registered it on 9th October 2007. So no PageRank for now untill April 2008?

Google PageRanks of some of my blogs:

Google PageRanks of blogs I surf:

Some web tools to check your PageRank:
Dig PageRank, Smart PageRank, Top 25 Web, Self SEO.

Buzz And Rush Of WidgetBucks

26 Oct

Just a few days after BlogRush finished their new Quality Guidelines, it’s now Widgetbucks time to suspend/delete accounts that do not meet the new network’s Terms of Use.

They are now no longer approve or accept non-English language sites into their ad network. They said that a majority of non-English language sites are delivering a consistently low conversion rate, meaning that most peoples outside US do not buy their merchants and advertisers products.

What’s next Widgetbucks?

I’m expecting Widgetbucks to ban all non-US sites and use revenue-per-sale later on.

By the way, I’m reaching USD$25 Widgetbucks earnings soon.

Watch UEFA Champions League Freely

25 Oct

Few months ago I blog about How To Watch Barclays Premier League Online For Free?. After viewing the i.View channels, I feel that Football Channel suck, no UEFA Champions League matches! Goal TV 1 and Goal TV 2 also suck, they keep on repeating the previous years matches. While watching live Barclays Premier League matches on Football Channel, the videos keep skipping after few minutes. I know that there is nothing wrong with the connection as I did not have the problem when I’m watching non-live matches.

As for Football Channel did not show UEFA Champions League, I will be using to keep up with the goals scored.

Singapore-Born Bisexual Show

23 Oct

While Singaporeans are busy campaigning to keep and repeal Section 377A of the Singapore Penal Code, I was busy watching a bisexual-themed reality dating show aired on MTV.

Until now I did not understand why Singaporeans are talking about “Outrages on decency” (Section 377A) which state that a male person who commits or abets the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, while no one question about the opposite sex (female). Not fair right? Why gays cannot but lesbians can?

Anyway I feel that Section 377A should be updated to avoid gender bias.

What about Section 377 – Carnal intercourse against the order of nature? The Section 377 state that whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animals shall be punished, has been repealed. Hmm… so now Singaporeans can have sex with animals ek?

I think repealing Section 377 is good, if not we will have more and more people in the jail because it carry an imprisonment for life punishment.

Coming back to the bisexual-themed reality dating show that I watched, it showcase 16 straight males and 16 lesbian female contestants competing for Tila Tequila‘s love. The program titled “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila” air on MTV every Tuesday starting 9th October 2007. I don’t know why MTV is promoting bisexual. Watch the episodes here or here. There also a debate on CNN about this show at her MySpace.

Some facts about Tila Tequila:

  • Her real name is Tila Nguyen.
  • She was born in Singapore while her family was emigrating from Vietnam after the Vietnam War.
  • She become popular because of MySpace.
  • She has an album titled “I Love U”.
  • She just released a new single called “Stripper Friends”. Nice song, google it and listen.

    Watch her chat video

    She by the pool. Enjoy.

    BlogRush Removed 10,000+ Blogs

    22 Oct

    I received an update from BlogRush and they said that PutraWorks.Com had passed their strict Quality Guidelines and criteria. They believed that I have a high-quality blog and they are happy that I’m a member of their network.

    They also said they had just completed a massive SWEEP of their entire network. They had removed over *10,000* blogs that did not meet their new Quality Guidelines.

    Checking my BlogRush account, I found that my blog is still under pending review! What a RUSH?

    Are US Teens Stupid?

    21 Oct

    Is it true? Watch this video from AnonyGirl1.