Plus 2 Minus 2 My Google PageRanks

27 Oct

At last Google updated their PageRank for PutraWorks.Com. They awarded a PR2 for this domain. Now my blog is the same PR as Not bad right? This domain was registered on 7th May 2007 and all contents from wordpress were moved here. That wordpress blog had drop from PR4 to PR2.

Gained some loosed some. My SimplySiti.Com (registered on 6th July 2005) also drop from PR3 to become PR1! Ma Bad… I am monetizing that blog. Is it because of text-link? Maybe not because my fazura‘s blog do not have any money ads links, but still it went from PR3 to PR2. My new domain is PR0. Hehehe.. I just registered it on 9th October 2007. So no PageRank for now untill April 2008?

Google PageRanks of some of my blogs:

Google PageRanks of blogs I surf:

Some web tools to check your PageRank:
Dig PageRank, Smart PageRank, Top 25 Web, Self SEO.

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