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Click Fraud Solution Found?

29 Nov

WidgetBucks will be removing the “pending” manual system that take between 3 to 4 days and replace it with their merchant click auditing systems that complete the processing in less than 24 hours. Advertlets should use these systems too!

Good news to all WidgetBuckers, the payments will be coming out next week. Do check their free blog on Monday!

For those who have traffic from US or Canada, do join them because they really can earn you some bucks for Christmas. Since they block non-US/Canada clicks, I’m getting zero now. I need at least another USD$26 to get my 2nd cash-out. Please help me by joining me.

Update: 2007-11-30T02:25:53+00:00
WoooHooo… they will start serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic in early December. Now I can earn through CPM Revenue!

Hady Mirza In Asian Idol!

29 Nov

ImageShack : Asian Idol

On 15th December 2007, idols from 6 asian countries will be competing in the first time ever “Asian Idol 2007” held in Indonesia. One of them will be crowned as Asian Idol on December 16.

Hady Mirza will be representing Singapore while Jaclyn Victor is for Malaysia. The others are Mau Marcelo (Philippines), Phương Vy (Vietnam) and for India’s and Indonesia’s idols, their country will decide who is going to represent them in the show.

I do not know why Taufik Batisah is not in the competition. Who is better?

The voting system is quite fair that you have to vote for 2 Idols (1 home idol and 1 international idol) as a special ‘two choices’ algorithm has been devised to enable combination voting to produce the ultimate winner. The rule state that vote that do not choose 2 different countries will not be valid.

The events:

  • Road to Asian Idol, 9 December 2007
  • Asian Idol Performance Show, 15 December 2007
  • Asian Idol Result Show, 16 December 2007
  • .

    Will Hady be the Asian Idol 2007? So get ready your hp and credits to vote for our home idol! My suggestion is we vote our Singapore’s and Vietnam’s idols since Vietnam is less popular than the other countries idols. It will be shown live on 8tv (Malaysia) and RCTI (Indonesia). Not sure Mediacorp 5 will be telecasting it.

    Who Will Get A Shot At Love?

    28 Nov

    Bobby, Amanda and Dani are the final 3 left at Tila Tequila’s bisexual reality show. Who will Tila choose as her lover?

    I guess the final 2 will be Bobby and Dani. Then it will be hard for Tila to choose the special one. I would like Tila to choose Bobby.

    Episode 7:

    Do You Whine?

    28 Nov


    v., whined, whin·ing, whines.

    To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
    To complain or protest in a childish fashion.
    To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch: jet engines whining.


    To cry with soft, intermittent, often plaintive sounds
    To express negative feelings, especially of dissatisfaction or resentment


    Definition: complaint, cry

    What is the word for a person who is whinning at another person that whined at something? Even Rafael Benitez is whining!

    Are You A CEO?

    27 Nov

    It is crazy that when you open a start-up, you self-title yourself as the CEO of the company. Who are your executives? The pantry lady? The cleaner? Or the secretary? Like that I also can call myself as the CEO of PutraWorks.Com! I even can call myself the President of PutraWorks.Com, Minister Mentor of PutraWorks.Com, Sultan of PutraWorks.Com and the Junta of PutraWorks.Com.

    A chief executive officer (CEO) or chief executive is the highest-ranking corporate officer, administrator, corporate administrator, executive, or executive officer in charge of total management of a corporation, company, organization, or agency.

    In closely held corporations, it is general business practice that the chief executive officer is also the chairperson (or chair) of the board of directors.

    Typically, a CEO has a cadre of subordinate executives, each of which has specific functional responsibilities. These direct reporting relationships most often include a chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief marketing officer, chief information officer, and a director of human resources.

    Read more here

    Not Trusted Hosting Server?

    27 Nov

    I was trying to login to another new hosting when my IE7 prompted me of “Certificate Error”.


    It informed me that the CA Root certificate is not trusted.


    I think I have to let go this one too since it is not secure and seems fishy.

    How Fast Is Your Hosting Server?

    27 Nov

    I’m looking for a new server for one of my domains and I got the chance to test one of the hosting offered here. I will not tell you the company since he is kind enough to let me have the feel of it before purchasing.

    Since my Starhub broadband is not really broadband to the overseas websites, I really need to get the local Singapore hosting company. What are my requirements? I need a hosting that have a fast download speed with at least 100MB disk space and cost below SGD$3. Other than that unlimited will be good.

    I did one simple test of installing speedtest tool from and did a test on the server.

    Here the results from the trial server.
    ImageShack : The Trial Server Speedtest Result

    And here is my current server ( results.
    ImageShack : My Current Server Speedtest Result

    I also did the test on my company’s computer and it seems that the trial server is a no for me. I will email him back to cancel my account.

    It’s a bit funny that by using, I found that there is no neighbour around!

    ImageShack : My IP Neighbors