How Fast Is Your Hosting Server?

27 Nov

I’m looking for a new server for one of my domains and I got the chance to test one of the hosting offered here. I will not tell you the company since he is kind enough to let me have the feel of it before purchasing.

Since my Starhub broadband is not really broadband to the overseas websites, I really need to get the local Singapore hosting company. What are my requirements? I need a hosting that have a fast download speed with at least 100MB disk space and cost below SGD$3. Other than that unlimited will be good.

I did one simple test of installing speedtest tool from and did a test on the server.

Here the results from the trial server.
ImageShack : The Trial Server Speedtest Result

And here is my current server ( results.
ImageShack : My Current Server Speedtest Result

I also did the test on my company’s computer and it seems that the trial server is a no for me. I will email him back to cancel my account.

It’s a bit funny that by using, I found that there is no neighbour around!

ImageShack : My IP Neighbors

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