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Firewall Slow Down The Internet?

31 Jan

A Starhub technician called me on Tuesday at around 4pm to fix the problem of my internet. What the hell he called me on a working day evening. I told him that I’m at work and he said that another guy will call me at 8-9 pm.

The second guy called me at 8.10pm and instructed me to do the download test with the starhub tool that I had used the other day. When I told him that the top speed is 7.57, he went to do some check and said that my connection is at the optimum speed. I told him the snail speed normally happened after 8.30pm. He told me to call them again if the speed is not ok.

After 10 minutes later, my connection slows down again. I went to do some reading about the problem and a blogger note that his McAfee’s firewall program is the one that affect the speed of his internet. I did disable my Windows Live OneCare’s firewall and enable my Windows Vista firewall.

But there is still problem, when I did a speed test, the upload test still failed to start and it still slow after 8.30pm!

Windows Vista May Slow the Internet

Themes For My Blogs

31 Jan

After setting up and installing wordpress, most probably I will be downloading and uploading better themes for my blogs.

I will look up for the themes at these sites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, samirkamble,,,

Other templates designs:

Starhub MaxOnline Express Lagging?

27 Jan

Since the 1st day of year 2008, my Starhub MaxOnline Express is becoming slower and slower. Starhub said that they had enhanced MaxOnline Express download speeds to 8Mbps; I do not feel any speed boost, but a noticed the surfing speed had decrease a lot.

This week, I’m getting the worst ever crawling speed till yesterday I can even surf the net. Today morning I steal/borrow my neighbour MaxOnline Premium broadband and found that my neighbour also had a bad connection. While connecting the Wi-Fi, I saw my next door neighbour is now using a Wi-Fi with their door unit numbers as their Wi-Fi name. I guess they are using Starhub MaxOnline too since my internet was so bad starting from yesterday.

I called the Starhub 1633 at 3 plus and told them to check what had happened to my connection. No updates from them until now. Thinking of downgrading to surf lite or terminating my internet soon.

Starhub download test tool here. Wondering where is the upload test tool?

Starhub status by forumers
A Guide to Residential Broadband in Singapore

So Cute… So Brownie…

26 Jan

Not yet confirm whether he a she or she a he. But I guess he a she. See the pictures yourself. What do you think?

From here it look like he a she.

It is difficult to make her lie down.

Showing her paw to me.

Free Pictures, Videos, Audios And Files Hostings

25 Jan

In my previous post, I said that I do not need to have more than 100MB of webspace for a couple of blogs. This is because I’m using free pictures, videos, audios and files hosting services available on the net. It also make moving to a new server much more easier as I have less data to move.

I use these free services for my files sharing:
Image Shack (images), Zorpia (images), Media Fire (files and images), 4s hared (images, videos and audio), Z Share (files, images, videos, audio and flash), Odeo (audio), Vod Pod (audio and video), Stage 6 (videos), Rock You (slideshow), Save File, Put File, Rip Way, Upload Engine and Box.

Others services:
liveleak, metacafe, veoh, ovguide, figurelicious and youtube

Promoting My Domains To The Cyber World

25 Jan

After I have done with my setting up of my websites and blogs, I would list them in the search engines to get organic traffic. But before that I did a check to find out whether my domains had been listed by using a tool here.

Here are some of the websites I submitted my websites/blogs to:
Google, MSN, Yahoo, Submit Corner, Add Pro, Free Web Submission, Scrub The Web, Submit Plus, Submit Express, Lycos, Cari, Entire Web and DMOZ.

I also did pinging my websites/blogs to, technorati,, autopinger and pingoat.

Some reading tips:

How I Select A Web Hosting Company?

23 Jan

I have 2 paid web hosting servers, one at the Singapore datacenter and another in the US. It is hard to find a fast and value for money servers in Singapore.

How do I check the speed of the servers? This may not be accurate, I will first, surf around their website to see how fast the loading time for their main page. If it took more than a few seconds, it means that they have a bad server.

How about value for money? It is difficult for a Singapore web hosting company to offer big size webspace as datacenter prices are quite high here. If you have one to two blogs, you do not need more than 100MB webspace. Do not go for web hosting that has so many limitations, e.g. giving you only a database to use.

These are the few best local web hosts I found: MaxHub, SpeedHub and Oryon. For more local web hostings, try find it here.

If you are looking for international web hosts, you can try these:,,, LVCS.Net & GoDaddy.Com,,,,, AnHosting (,,,, and

More cheaper web hosts : CirtexHosting, 100WebSpace dan OneDollarHost.

Since there is a 30 days money back guarantee for most of the web hosting, you can try installing speedtest script on the server to test the actual speed of the hosting you are getting.

If you are not willing to pay for a hosting yet, you can still try using a free hosting available at FreeWeb7, FreeHostia, 50Webs, T35 and Unlimited MB. More free web hosting can be found here.

Good links about web hosting:
Reseller vs. Shared Hosting
Shared or Dedicated – Which Should You Choose?
GoDaddy Sucks
HostGator Tips

Setting Up My New Domain To My Existing WordPress Setup

22 Jan

Currently all my domains are pointing and sharing to the same installed wordpress. It make my life much easier if I need to upgrade to the latest wordpress release version as I just need to replace one set of wordpress. It also keeps my hosting size minimum and no multiple editing needed for each of my domains.

How do I do it?

If you are using the “DirectAdmin” configurations panel, you just need to click the “Domain Pointers” link under the “Advanced Features” tab. Type in your new domain and add the new domain as an “Alias” to your current domain.

Now go to your domain registrar website and point the domain address to your hosting ip address.

Lastly you need to do some else-if statement in your “wp-config.php” file to forward it to the correct database.

Some links that may be useful for you:
WordPress 2 Multi-Blogging Made Easy
Host Multiple WP Sites On One Installation
Installing Multiple Versions Of WordPress On The Same Account But Masking Them To Appear As Different Domains

3 New Domain Names In 2008!

22 Jan

I bought three domain names today, one from the NameCheap’s marketplace and two new domain names.

I decided to buy the “Sungai Buloh” domain name and it cost me USD$17 plus a renewal fee of USD$9.29. Not sure what I will do with it, currently I just redirect it to the Singapore’s Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Actually “Sungai Buloh” is a town in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

The next domain name is for my Malay blog that is currently a sub domain of my English blog. I have long wanted to buy “Putera Emas” domain name. But I did not feel necessary to buy it the last time. Since there are some cash online, I decided to have it now at USD$8.41 after using NameCheap’s discount code.

Lastly since Singapore will be having the Formula One race this year, I decided to find a good domain for that. It is hard to think of a nice domain name for the f1 since a lot of people had already taken the best domain names. Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix is still available. I was surprised that the domain name is not taken up.

NameCheap discount codes can be found here.

A Singapore For Singaporean?

21 Jan

TodayOnline.Com reported that Malaysian government plans to send up to half a million foreign workers packing next year with their “Go local” campaign. The move is part of efforts to bolster job opportunities and pay for the locals.

One of their plans is the work permits of unskilled foreign workers will not be extended if they have been in the country for five years or more. Skilled workers will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 10 years. Read more here.

Should Singapore do the same thing?