Your Blogs Belong To Advertlets?

29 Mar


Look at the picture above. It is damn funny that Advertlets are processing my January’s cash-out while my November’s cash-out is not processed and my October’s cash-out is still not paid. What type of company is this that ‘suka-suka’ processing which cash-out months they like?

I sent a ticket to Advertlets Support Department on Feb 2, 2008 with the subject “No October Earnings!”. The next day, I received a reply saying that they have detected a significant amount of click fraud in my account and was told to provide them with the following details:

– Are you involved in any site traffic programs to drive traffic to your website? This includes paid links
– Have you ever asked visitors to click on your ads anytime after you signed up with Advertlets until now?
– Have you experienced this problem before with any other online advertising providers?
– Do you have any statistics or data that suggests suspicious activity on your website?
– What Internet Service Providers do you use?
– Have you ever clicked your own ads? Please be honest, and provide dates and times. A non excessive amount will not result in termination
– On the computer which you use most often, is it shared?
– What is the total number of computers that you use to access or administrate your blog?
– Is there anyone else that maintains your blog for you or is involved in its administration, or creating content for the blog?
– Are your earnings from blog revenue shared among a few people, or are you the only beneficiary?
– Do you believe there is anyone who may want to sabotage your ability to earn from your blog? Do you know which country they are located in, or do you have any of their details (eg blog URL, username on other online services).

I told them that there is NO Click fraud on my blogs and provided them with the sitemeter statistics and also a picture of my Google adsense cheque. If there is click frauds, Google surely had already banned me! I also shown them my widgetbucks earnings that have already been paid.

On Feb 4, I sent them the details of their requests and was surprised that they resent the same questions to me again on the 8th of February. Suspecting that they had lost my reply, I resent the answers again and checked on them on the 12th of February. They replied by saying that they will get back to me once they have confirmed their findings.

On Mar 2, I sent an e-mail to them but no reply from them. Then I replied to the ticket online on the 13th and 24th March, but they still refused to reply back and ignoring me.

After some thinking, I assumed that when I put Advertlets’ ads on my blogs, the blogs now belong to Advertlets and I have no right to visit my blogs. If I visit my blogs, they will say that I did a click fraud. What is click fraud? You can ask Advertlets. I’m wondering why Nuffnang, Adsense and Widgetbucks do not say I did a click fraud since I put their ads together on the same blogs?

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2 Responses to “Your Blogs Belong To Advertlets?”

  1. titan March 29, 2008 at 12:35 am #

    hehe..their just keep advertiser money like always..:D

  2. March 30, 2008 at 8:10 pm #

    lets move to nn..i already cash the cheque šŸ˜€

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