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Singapore IC Checker

10 Jun

The Singapore NRIC number is made up of 7 digits and a letter behind. This letter is calculated from the first 7 digits using the modulus eleven method, similar to the method used for calculating the check digit of the ISBN Code.

The steps involved to obtain the check digit is

Multiply each digit in the NRIC number by its weight.
Add together the above products.
Divide the resulting sum by 11.
Subtract the remainder from 11 to give the check digit.
Check the check digit against the table to obtain the alphabet.
The following table shows the weight for the NRIC number in Singapore :

2 7 6 5 4 3 2

The following table is used to change the check digit into the corresponding alphabet.

Check Digit
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


This system is used to prevent illegal workers from entering Singapore with a fake passport using a fake NRIC number.

A person has a NRIC number S1234567A

To find out if the NRIC number is valid, we need to use the method above.

2(weight)*1(NRIC number) + 7(weight)*2(NRIC number) + 6(weight)*3 + 5*4 + 4*5 + 3*6 + 2*7 = 106

106/11 = 9 r 7

11-7 = 4

Using the table above, if the check digit is 4, then the alphabet at the end of the NRIC number should be D. So, we can conclude that this NRIC number is invalid.

HTTP 404 Not Found

9 Jun

From what I know, normally wordpress will point the “HTTP 404 Not Found” error to the theme custom 404.php file. But here the screenshot of what I see.

HTTP 404 Not Found

I noticed that every time there is a typo error in the URL entered, it will give me a default “HTTP 404 Not Found” message. I will lose my visitors if I did not forward them to the correct contents.

I do not know what the real problem since my other blogs on my other server did go to the custom page. Maybe it is because of the server or maybe I pointed my domains directly to the wordpress folder.

Update (7th August 2008) : The problem is the theme do not handle the “404” page correctly. Try using the default theme and it works!

Singapore 3 – Uzbekistan 7

2 Jun

Group 4 – Asian qualifying for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Singapore national soccer team punished by Uzbekistan for letting in soft goals as Singapore lost 7-3 at the Singapore National Stadium.

Singapore 3 - Uzbekistan 7
Image from Fifa.Com (AFP)

Timur Kapadze (10′), Victor Karpenko (21′), Server Djeparov (34′, 44′), Vitaliy Denisov (42′), Aziz Ibragimov (62′) and Maksim Shatskikh (88′) scored for Uzbekistan. Singapore goals came from Aleksandar Duric (16′), Mustafic Fahrudin (31′) and John Wilkinson (73′).

Singapore 3 - Uzbekistan 7
Image from Fifa.Com (AFP)

Uzbekistan is leading right now with nine points from three games. Saudi Arabia will be second if they beat Lebanon at home today. For Singapore to qualify for the final round, they really need to get three points from Uzbekistan at their hometown this Saturday (June 7th, 2008), then a win against Saudi Arabia at home one week later on June 14th and the last match to the Lebanon away on June 22nd.

This is the first time Singapore face Uzbekistan. Singapore had met Saudi Arabia in six occasions losing five games, draw once, scored two goals and conceded fifteen goals. Beat Lebanon once, lost once, scored four and let in three goals.

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