Free Domain Subscriptions Every Year?

16 Sep

Last week, I had said that I will not renew SungaiBuloh.Com and SingaporeFormula1GrandPrix.Com subscriptions. I may change my mind as I had found a way to monetize these 2 domains.

The main reason for not renewing their subscriptions is that I do not have time to manage them as I had 7 domains I need to work on. Furthermore I do not think these domain names are worth to keep. Unfortunately Sedo.Com proved me wrong!

How To Get Free Domain Subscription Every Year?

After I parked these domains at Sedo, I noticed that SungaiBuloh.Com can generate 0.10 pound sterling (1 British pound = 1.7883 U.S. dollars) per day. It will take about 3 months to generate at least USD$10. By that time, I can use this money to renew the subscription without using my other blogs’ earnings. Every year I will have USD$40 if I keep this domain at Sedo!

Currently I got a problem. I got an offer from EliteInvestment.Net asking me to name my price for SungaiBuloh.Com. Should I sell this domain? How much should I ask them?

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