Transfering Emails

20 Sep

Windows Live Hotmail to Outlook 2007

Hotmail does not offer POP3 access but Microsoft has released a free utility called Microsoft Office Outlook Connector. If you failed the Genuine Microsoft Software check, you can download it at

1. Close Outlook 2007 program.
2. Install Outlook Connector.
3. Open Outlook 2007 program.
4. Add and configure your Hotmail accounts.
5. Restart Outlook 2007 program again.

Google Mail to Outlook 2007 to Google Mail

1. Enable IMAP from Gmail settings. Unlike POP, IMAP offers two-way communication between your web Gmail and your email client(s).
2. Open Outlook 2007 program.
3. Manually configure your account.
4. Choose account type: IMAP.
5. Incoming Mail server: / port: 993 / encrypted: SSL.
6. Outgoing Mail server: / port: 465 or 587 / encrypted: TLS.
7. Tick “Secure Password Authentication (SPA).
8. Set Outgoing server same as incoming mail server.

Details here.

Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2007

Some people managed to transfer their mails using YPOPs! Since Yahoo is charging pop3 through their Yahoo! Mail Plus, they decided to changes their settings and this tool doesn’t seem to work anymore. You should boycott Yahoo Mail!


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