Haiz… Another Server Suspension

25 Oct

After I solved the hosting ip address of my blogs today, I received an email from NameCheap’s hosting guys. They had suspended my account due to resource abuse!

They said my account was using more than its fair share of server resources, causing poor server performance for my account and for other users on the server. They told me to un-optimized scripts and incorrectly configured crons. They also said that a lot of simultaneous visitors are some possible causes of such load. Hmm..

Good thing about NameCheap is they will not ignore you when you email to them. I got my account activated back in less than 15 minutes! I quickly removed the abusive scripts and files although I know the problem is I run too many cron jobs a few hours ago. Or izit because I added to much RPC pings???

Reading their Terms of Service on “Safe Use”, I’m not allow to use more than 8MB of memory, more than 30 CPU seconds, or uses more than 10% of all available system resources at any time. How am I going to know when I will not break the rules??? From their third email, they said that they always let owner know about such suspension and always give ability to fix the problem. However they will suspend permanently if such overloads happens too recently.

Thanks NameCheap! I choose the correct web hosting this time and save a lot of time unlike the previous hosting. I don’t know about ComputingHost, I will just subscribe to them monthly instead of yearly. If I got suspension from them, I won’t lose much.

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