Princess Omera

29 Jan

Title: Putri Omera – Can our lives have happier endings than in fairytales?

Date: Premiering on 6th February, Friday, 8.30pm on Suria

Starring: Syed Azmir, Junaidi Sali, Hisyam Hamid, Wahyu Rahman, Joe Lazarie, Hashimah Hamidon and Fadly Awaludin.

Introducing: Quryati Abu Bakar and Kalysa.

Featuring: Farid Rashid, Zahid Yunos, Elfaeza Ul-Haq and Izzat Bushmen.

Against the backdrop of a modern city, two worlds intertwine as they seek out the answers to these questions in the tale of PUTRI OMERA.

With only a week to her engagement, young and talented NYLA (Kalysa Aziz) is torn between the bond of friendship with budding musician DJOHAN (Junaidi Sali) and her commitment to future fiancée ANDI (Hisyam Hamid), a high-flying businessman. Upbeat and hopeful, NYLA seeks solace in her Mama, FATIMAH (Hasyimah Hamidon)’s favourite fairytale – an antique book titled PUTRI OMERA.

As the story unfolds, OMERA (Quryati Abu Bakar), a fairy Princess, seeks out the man of her dreams with the help of a bumbling lovesick JOEY (Syed Azmir) and mother, QUEEN SHERA (Wahyu Rahman) against the will of her father, KING DRERA (Joe Lazarie).

As NYLA and OMERA face the challenges of their respective worlds, chaos ensues as other characters come into the picture: is ANDI cheating on NYLA? Will twin royal bodyguards MOK (Zahid Yunos) and MIN (Farid Rashid) capture OMERA? It won’t take long to find out – their time is running out.

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