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I’m first started interneting at the age of 23 in my hometown in Bukit Kepong, Singapore. Used to love Siti Nurhaliza’ songs, but still love to listen to Britney Spear’s songs. After gaining entry to the polytechnic, I was exposed to the virtual world and has since creating websites in my free time.

On 22nd June 2006, I moved all my posts (200++ posts) from Puteraemas @ Blogspot hosting to PutraWorks @ WordPress hosting. Simply while surfing at Moojik’s WordPress (must give some credits to him), I noticed that WordPress had released this free hosting wordpress on their dotcom server (They used to give only the source codes to be installed on personal servers). Doing some checks on their forum pages, I found out that they only start this hosting 5-6 months ago (Jan 2006). Can say that I was among the first few hundreds who used this free hosting WordPress.

Why I decide to move here? The answer simply because of the categories function they had here and not in Blogspot. With this function, it make finding articles more easier. Example : Siti Nurhaliza. During my X-Guy.Com year (noticed that they still have my front page thumbnail), I had used other codes from CuteNews (hacked & created my own categories) and Simple Php Blog. But due to the slow free server I had (all because of the idiot administrators who decided to give unlimited bandwidth and file size), I decided to switch back to blogspot that I registered on 27th August 2002.

Nothing is perfect. What can be done at Blogspot, can’t be done here. I can’t create my own template, uploading my pictures, adding my mp3 flash player and coding my javascripts.

11 months later, on 7th May 2007, I decided to have my own domain again and PutraWorks.Com came to the WWW world. Together with SimplySiti.Com, I moved them to my free server.

Why PutraWorks? It’s simply a place to show my works and reports. I had moved articles not belong to me to PutraWorks Extras. I keep them as a backup (you know that nothing will last forever). Some of them were from the junk mail I received. So lot of things you can find there (Macam-Macam Ada!).

Written on 25th July 2007 @ 4.55pm. You can email me through “Joe” at “PutraWorks.Com”.

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