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Fcuk… Phone Scam Attacked Me!

13 Dec

Yesterday was the most annoying night for me. My hand phone was ringing and when I picked it up, no answer on the other side and hang-up after a few seconds. It rang again; I picked up the phone and again no one on the line. I rejected their third call, and they used a “no number” call this time. I did answer the call since I scared that it might be an important call. But sadly it’s not; I got the same hang-up response. Lastly they try calling me and hang-up before I could reject their calls.

No way am I going to call them back. It is one of their tactics to make me pay for the IDD charges. Anyway I lost a few credits since I did answer their calls (I’m using a pre-paid number). I do not know who they are, fake lottery scammers maybe, you can find some of them here. They are using an Indonesia number (+6285253122886).

My last solution was to switch off my hand phone since I do not want them to disturb my sleeping. I switched back my phone this afternoon. Not so bad since I received only a call from them. I hope they will remove my number from their list. If they still don’t stop this annoying act. I had to get a new number since there is no way I can block them from calling me again.

What can you do when you receive a phone scam?

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