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M1 Prepaid Free Incoming Calls Plan

29 Jul

Bought a new prepaid number from Mobile One a few weeks ago after my Starhub prepaid number with about SGD7 credits remaining was cut-off due to that I did not registered the number to prevent terrorist from using unknown prepaid card.

The new M1 prepaid card that cost SGD18 come with a “Free” incoming calls plan. Without reading the papers that come with the card, I noticed that my credits keep on decreasing even when I did not made a call out or sending sms.

It was until today that while I was about to throw the M1 papers, I came across the fine prints for Free incoming calls all day:

*To enjoy the above benefits, there will be a daily deduction of 60 cent and a minumum balance of 60 cent is required.

Does it mean I’m paying 60 cent everyday??? No way I will be using this number when the credits run low again. Maybe I try Singtel next.

TV Booster

31 May

Bought a TV3 Ant plus Amp for SGD80 from Space Centre (Sim Lim Tower).

Price List

27 Nov

02.08.1994 TOSHIBA 1.44MB FDD $51.50 Taiyotech Technology
05.08.1994 1.2MB FDD $61.80 Taiyotech Technology
13.12.1994 486DX M.board $140.00 AMCONICS Industry P.L

08.03.1996 Intel SX-33 CPU $28.00 MACROSYS P.L
08.03,1996 486 Cooling Fan $8.00 AMCONICS Industry P.L
16.11.1996 mini case $46.35 WISE-TECH P.L
16.11.1996 Trident 9440 PCI VGA $39.00 Video-Pro P.L
16.11.1996 4MB 72 Pin RAM 2 * $26 = $52 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
22.11.1996 4MB 30 Pin RAM 2 * $30 = $60 Fujitech Computer P.L
23.11.1996 MITSUMI104 keys keyboard $16.88 Video-Pro O.L
29.11.1996 Mania 5 Joystick $19.50 Offer & Sale Computer Warehouse
29.11.1996 ACER 10X Cdrom $145.00 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
14.12.1996 Triton(VX) w/256k M.board $127.00 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
20.12.1996 Pentium 120Mhz CPU $215.00 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L

04.01.1997 Advance Sound Soundcard $33.00 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
04.01.1997 Sony 3 1/2 Diskette $6.00 PCS Computer P.L
20.01.1997 8MB 72 Pin(EDO) RAM 2 * $34 = $68 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
20.01.1997 Class Filter $5.50 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
20.01.1997 GENIUS Easymouse $5.90 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
16.05.1997 MOVIE VISION MPEG remote $183.00 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
16.09.1997 Sony 3.5" Diskette $5.15 BENNON Industries P.L
16.09.1997 AIMS Lab Radio Track $30.00 PCS Computer P.L
19.11.1997 SOUND VISION TV Tuner-lite $132.00 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L
27.11.1997 SOUND VISION ESS with Radio $48.00 Advance GRAVIS Computer P.L

15.07.1998 MEMOREX 2X6 E-IDE CD Recorder$429.00 PK Computer P.L
31.07.1998 ViewSonic E655 Monitor $310.00 PCSData Systems P.L
15.08.1998 CREATIVE Blaster Exxtreme $130.00 Skylet Computer Corporation P.L
11.09.1998 NEC Flatbed Scanner $178.00 AQUEST COMPUTERS P.L
24.10.1998 TX Pro w/sound & VGA Mboard $96.00 Unlimited PC Service
09.11.1998 HAUPPAUGE WinTV $249.00 PCS Data Systems P.L
09.11.1998 EPSON Stylus color 440 $219.00 AQUEST COMPUTERS P.L

07.05.1999 IBM 10.1GB HDD $260.00 AQUEST COMPUTERS P.L
01.06.1999 HYUNDAI 64MB PC100 $84.00 RFC Distribution (S) P.L
23.08.1999 IBM 16.8GB 5400RPM ATA66 HDD $251.00 AQUEST COMPUTERS P.L

Soupping @ SLS

16 Aug

Sony NP-FC11 infoLITHIUM Battery Pack : $95

Sony MAGICGATE, 128 Memory Stick : $85

SNFT – Bukit Jalil : Priceless

Siemens C3508i

10 Jan


Bought my first handphone Siemens C3508i with Nimh Batt & Travel Charger for SGD188 from Callzone Connections (Ang Mo Kio).

Purchase a Starhub Sim Card (Power Talk Plan with Calling Number Display) for SGD20.60 with admin charge of SGD10.