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Undersea Internet Cables Cut

21 Dec

3 major underwater cables were cut: “Sea Me We 4” at 7:28am, “Sea Me We3” at 7:33am and FLAG at 8:06am on Dec 19.

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Transfering Emails

20 Sep

Windows Live Hotmail to Outlook 2007

Hotmail does not offer POP3 access but Microsoft has released a free utility called Microsoft Office Outlook Connector. If you failed the Genuine Microsoft Software check, you can download it at

1. Close Outlook 2007 program.
2. Install Outlook Connector.
3. Open Outlook 2007 program.
4. Add and configure your Hotmail accounts.
5. Restart Outlook 2007 program again.

Google Mail to Outlook 2007 to Google Mail

1. Enable IMAP from Gmail settings. Unlike POP, IMAP offers two-way communication between your web Gmail and your email client(s).
2. Open Outlook 2007 program.
3. Manually configure your account.
4. Choose account type: IMAP.
5. Incoming Mail server: / port: 993 / encrypted: SSL.
6. Outgoing Mail server: / port: 465 or 587 / encrypted: TLS.
7. Tick “Secure Password Authentication (SPA).
8. Set Outgoing server same as incoming mail server.

Details here.

Yahoo Mail to Outlook 2007

Some people managed to transfer their mails using YPOPs! Since Yahoo is charging pop3 through their Yahoo! Mail Plus, they decided to changes their settings and this tool doesn’t seem to work anymore. You should boycott Yahoo Mail!


Thanks And Goodbye TorrentSpy.Com!

30 Mar


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Stage6 Shutting Down On February 28, 2008?

26 Feb

I can’t confirm if it is real or a hoax since the email I received came from a Stage6 user and an employee of DivX, Inc using a “” email address.

The reason of the closing down is because of a very expensive enterprise that requires an enormous amount of attention and resources that they are not in a position to continue to provide.

Goodbye to my Siti-Nurhaliza and PutraDivx videos!

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Starhub Maxonline Express Still Lagging?

24 Feb

I wrote a post on Starhub Maxonline Express Lagging a few weeks ago.

Current the problem was solved when I removed one side of the SB3100 cable modem’s cover to let the hot air move out easily. Since then my notebook do not encounter anymore “Local Only” access network. Can’t show you guys the picture of the half modem since my camera is on loan.

Firewall Slow Down The Internet?

31 Jan

A Starhub technician called me on Tuesday at around 4pm to fix the problem of my internet. What the hell he called me on a working day evening. I told him that I’m at work and he said that another guy will call me at 8-9 pm.

The second guy called me at 8.10pm and instructed me to do the download test with the starhub tool that I had used the other day. When I told him that the top speed is 7.57, he went to do some check and said that my connection is at the optimum speed. I told him the snail speed normally happened after 8.30pm. He told me to call them again if the speed is not ok.

After 10 minutes later, my connection slows down again. I went to do some reading about the problem and a blogger note that his McAfee’s firewall program is the one that affect the speed of his internet. I did disable my Windows Live OneCare’s firewall and enable my Windows Vista firewall.

But there is still problem, when I did a speed test, the upload test still failed to start and it still slow after 8.30pm!

Windows Vista May Slow the Internet

Starhub MaxOnline Express Lagging?

27 Jan

Since the 1st day of year 2008, my Starhub MaxOnline Express is becoming slower and slower. Starhub said that they had enhanced MaxOnline Express download speeds to 8Mbps; I do not feel any speed boost, but a noticed the surfing speed had decrease a lot.

This week, I’m getting the worst ever crawling speed till yesterday I can even surf the net. Today morning I steal/borrow my neighbour MaxOnline Premium broadband and found that my neighbour also had a bad connection. While connecting the Wi-Fi, I saw my next door neighbour is now using a Wi-Fi with their door unit numbers as their Wi-Fi name. I guess they are using Starhub MaxOnline too since my internet was so bad starting from yesterday.

I called the Starhub 1633 at 3 plus and told them to check what had happened to my connection. No updates from them until now. Thinking of downgrading to surf lite or terminating my internet soon.

Starhub download test tool here. Wondering where is the upload test tool?

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