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Annual Spending

22 Sep

Today I went for my annual Honda Phantom TA2000 inspection. Cost SGD$18.15 just to bring my bike to the Vicom Inspection Centre.

After the inspection, I went to the motor shop to renew my motor insurance policy that cost SGD$191.00. The owner told me to withdraw my money from the ATM machine nearby because she do not want to pay 2% to the NET company.

Before going home, I bought a new pair of raincoat for SGD$45.00.

Still need to wait for my road tax letter before I can renew it. Stupid LTA! They should sent the letter together with the inspection letter, so I do not need to come down to Vicom again.

Car Monthly expenses

27 Dec

Monthly Installment = X
RoadTax = R/12 = T
Carpark = C
Petrol = P
Insurance I/12 = S