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China’s Table Tennis Women Team Kelong?

23 Aug

How in the world that the world no.2 lost easily to the world no.5? If you see the score line Guo Yue easily defeated Wang Nan in set 1 and set 3 taking about 5 minutes each. Wang Nan took 7 minutes each on the 2nd and 4th sets with a close fight. Then suddenly Guo Yue lost in just 2 minutes!!! Guo Yue lost interest and call it a day in just 4 minutes for the final set.

Semi Final 1:
Li Jiawei (World No. 6) Vs. Zhang Yining (World No. 1)
Li lost 1-4
Results: 9-11 (7 mins), 11-8 (7 mins), 12-10 (8 mins), 11-8 (7 mins), 11-5 (5 mins).

Semi Final 2:
Guo Yue (World No. 2) Vs. Wang Nan (World No. 5)
Guo lost 4-2
Results: 3-11 (5 mins), 11-8 (7 mins), 4-11 (5 mins), 11-7 (7 mins), 11-3 (2 mins), 11-6 (4 mins).

Why Guo Yue lost in her singles semi final? So that China can take all 3 medals? Booo to them. It’s a disgrace to Wang Nan. Wang Nan doesn’t deserve the silver!

The Singapore China-Born Table Tennis

17 Aug

As expected Singapore women paddlers lost all the first 3 matches to the host China in Beijing Olympic Games 2008. Forget the gold; we can still celebrate because they bring home the second silver Olympic medal in Singapore’s history. 48 years ago, weightlifter Tan Howe Liang did it at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

Singapore China-Born Table Tennis Rejects
Li Jiawei born on 9th August 1981 in China. Current 6th in World Ranking.

Singapore China-Born Table Tennis Rejects
Wang Yue Gu born on 10th June 1980 in China. Current 7th in World Ranking.

The Singapore China-Born Table Tennis Rejects
Feng Tianwei born on 31st August 1986 in China. Current 9th in World Ranking.

Can Team Singapore Win One Olympic Gold This Time Round?

16 Aug

First of all I would like to congratulation the women’s table tennis paddlers for making through to the final. Thanks to Feng Tainwei who saved the day yesterday by winning both her singles matches.

I did not managed to catch the first doubles and singles as I had to send my mother for her appointment. The score line was Singapore 1 – South Korea 1. I was shocked that Li Jiawei lost her singles since all Singapore hope is on her shoulder. She lost her patience to Kim Kyung Ah for playing defensive.

At the 3rd match, Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu did not have much problem beating their South Korea doubles opponents winning all the 3 games.

Wang Yuegu was the one who going to play in the 4th match against the China-born Dang Ye Seo. While watching the game being played, I had predicted that Wang Yuegu will lose the match since she can’t cope with her opponent’s quick attacks and backhand flicks. After 33 minutes, the score line was level to 2 points each.

5th match was between Feng Tianwei and Park Mi Young. This match was the longest of all the single matches between Singapore and South Korea. Feng was leading by 2 games before Park changed her approach, mixing attack with defence and won the game. In the 4th game, the game become interesting as the expedite system was kicked in after the maximum 10 minutes of play had ended. What this system does is it prevents a player (server) from playing defensive. The receiving player will score a point when he/she manages 13 returns.

At the end of the 47-minute encounter, Feng Tianwei beat Park Mi Young to make it 3-2 scoreline with the help of the expedite system! Park was forced to move out of her comfort zone as she needed to end the rallies faster and this make Feng played to her rhythm and dictating play again.

The question now… can Team Singapore beat China at their home town in the final? I think not because we will need to give more from what we had produced in the semi-final.

8 Lucky Toto Winners Won SGD$1,003,113 Each

8 Aug

Singapore Pools have a special draw for Toto today where they offer 8 million for the lucky winner(s).

Winning Numbers : 14 17 19 21 25 38
Additional Number : 34

Today, 8 persons became new millionaires adding up the 77000 already millionaires in Singapore sharing the coveted $8 million draw! How come got 8 winners on 08.08.08? Kelong? See the picture below.
8 Lucky Toto Winners Won SGD$1,003,113 each

Here are the locations where they bought the tickets. Next time you go buy here. LOL.
8 Lucky Toto Winners Won SGD$1,003,113 Each

Happy 08.08.08 to all! Happy National Day too….

Bishan 5 Rooms Flat Almost 1/2 Million Singapore Dollar!

22 Jul

Last Friday, I received a pamphlet at the mosque after my Friday prayer. Someone is selling a 124sqm corner unit with 4 bedrooms at Bishan Blk 268. He claimed that there is no morning and evening sun, windy and quiet place. He is looking for a minority buyer since the Chinese ratio had been filled.

The 5 ‘I flat was valued at $485k and he is selling it at a price of $475k. There is also a referral fee of $2000.

Goodbye Bukit Timah Fire Station… Welcome SPECTRA…

13 Jul

A couple of weeks ago, I was wondering why the old Bukit Timah Fire Station and buildings along Upper Bukit Timah Road are having a new makeover.

Goodbye Bukit Timah Fire Station... Welcome SPECTRA.
Photo from

I found out here that the most famous landmark of Bukit Timah is under construction to be transformed into a bustling centre for education, arts, sports and adventure.

Vacant since April 2005 as the firemen and families had already moved to the new Bukit Batok Fire Station located along Bukit Batok Road.

Built in 1956, the 4th fire station to be built in Singapore was leased out to Spectra Investment for 3 years. It will become Singapore’s first and only fun-filled Arts and Adventure enrichment hub for young artists, musicians, crafters, designers and great outdoor adventurers, under one roof.

Bukit Timah Fire Station's red doors
Photo from

Come September, I’m wondering how the traffic condition at the junction of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Old Jurong Road will be when vehicles starts to use the distinctive red doors.

Gone In Less Than Eleven Minutes?

22 Apr

Mas Selamat Kastari took just 49 seconds to climb out of the ventilation window in the urinal cubicle and jump over the converged perimeter fences? How can they compare him who is limping with a Gurkha guard who is fit and strong?

This is the open ventilation window inside the toilet, which Mas Selamat escaped from Whitley Road Detention Centre on Feb 27. — PHOTO: MHA

They blamed it on the ventilation window in the toilet that did not have grilles, the guards who were watching Mas Selamat allowing him to close the door of the urinal cubicle and the perimeter fencing outside the Family Visitation Block which made it easier for Mas Selamat to get out of the detention centre’s premises. The CCTV cameras were not turned on because of upgrading work. We believe you!

The exterior view of the ventilation window. Mas Selamat could used the pipes to help him climb down from the window. — PHOTO: MHA

Why there is no guard at the back of the toilet since they know that the ventilation window in the toilet do not have grilles?

Mas Selamat is believed to have scaled the fence and onto the roof of the walkway, before jumping over the fences. — PHOTO: MHA

I agreed that a new detention centre for the internal security detainees should be built in Changi Prison as this Whitley Road Detention Centre look old and have lot of loop holes for another Mas Selamat to escape.

More Mas Selamat’s news here.