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Edison Chen’s Trojan Virus!

2 Feb

Beware when opening sex related blogs. See the photo below:


Luckily my 90 days trial Windows Live OneCare managed to detect the JS/Agent.FA Trojan on one of the blogs in

Suggestion to owner: Can you auto-check the pinged blogs for viruses before you published it on

Trojan On Blog?

14 Jan

I got this pop-up message from one of the frequent blogs I visited. Don’t know where actually the Trojan comes from.


Reformatting My LG Notebook

24 Dec

Yesterday I was busy reformat my LG notebook. My McAfee keep on prompting me of a virus when I played an AVI video on my Windows Media Player. After installing DivX and restarting, there is no more prompting. So I guess that is the problem.

Today the company release us at 3pm, but news passed down at 2pm that we can enjoy our Christmas early. Hohoho… Merry Christmas!

Computer Virus And Spyware Application?

15 Dec



Where got Google!

Malware Scan Advert Anyone? Beware!

1 Dec

ImageShack : Malware Scan Advert

I got this advert redirect from my blog page. I do not know whether this is a virus/Trojan from my pc or from my blog. My Windows Defender does not detect anything. I need to check it using spyware scanners before I suspect that it come from my blog’s advertisers or scripts.

Doing some googling, they too got the problem. If you got the advert, please press Alt-F4 to close it. Do not click the “x” button or click the advert.

Tools used:

Update 2007-12-03 14:04 :
The Malware Scan advert actually come from the Advertlets advert!

Stupid Virus!

15 Aug

Just came back from my sister’s house. Her daughter’s Acer Notebook had been invaded by a stupid annoying virus. For 2 hours plus I tried to find out how to remove the virus using the notebook internet with a pop-up box came out and exit every few seconds.

When all helps from the internet failed, I simply go to the boot screen and press F8 to reload the 1st System Restore point and the virus gone forever! My last resort is to restore the whole operating system.

AVG Email Scanner AutoPOP3

15 Nov

My AVG Email scanner keep on popping up a “AVG Email Scanner AutoPOP3: Connected to”.

After checking the forum page at, here what the moderator replied :

Webmail is not scanned by AVG, but it does setup which email scanner to use by checking to see what the default email client is… it sounds like yours is setup to use the Personal Email Scanner. This works with all email client and captures the default email ports which are 110 and 25. If any other program running on your computer also uses these ports… then AVG will intercept them thinking its for email since those are normally only used for that.

So… any program you have running on your computer… good or bad, can be the cause of this happening. Common programs that can cause this are spam filters, email checking programs and even a few P2P programs such as eMule. There are also some malware that can cause this.. we can’t say which it is, but we can say that the only reason AVG would try to connect is because something on your computer told it too.

There is also a possiblity that if you have used a standard email client (webmail is not an email client)… and AVG had trouble sending an email… then there could be one “stuck” in the email QUEUE of things to send and it is still trying. You can check for this by looking in your QUEUE directories and deleting any files there.. but do not delete the directories themselves. To find out where your QUEUE files are located (it can be different for each user) open AVG’s Control Center, double click the Email Scanner and click the Properties button.. one of the tabs will tell you where yours are located… just use Windows Explorer to go there and look in the directories….

Apa Siak! After deleting all the folders in the QUEUE’s folder, it still got pop-up messages.

Trojan Today

4 Nov

Found a Trojan called Win32.Adware.KooWo today while scanning the AVI/MPEG/RM/WMA Splitter rms.dll file. Risk is medium and had been Quarantined by ZA.