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Google PageRank 3 Gone!

18 Feb

Damn Google! MySelebriti.Com and Simplysiti.Com lost it PRs! I think it is because of the ads from that I decided to put on these two domains. I also lost some link ads from TLA for these 2 domains, which mean I will earn lesser now. No more bidvertiser ads from now on, the same goes to, and

The Alexa Ranking also becoming worst. I’m thinking of buying a new domain and rebuilding my blog again.

Google Ranking: – 0 (3) – 2 – 0 (3) – 1 – 0 -1 – 1

Alexa Ranking: – 826,041 (687,840) (558,308) – 1,624,375 (1,538,633) (821,533) – 952,574 (983,252) (856,402) – 8,758,476 (2,854,074) (1,405,412) – 3,133,759 (2,021,615) (1,414,126) – 10,176,496 (6,381,246) (4,102,276) – 11,314,426 (5,443,662) (4,194,362)

SungaiBuloh.Com Sold!

29 Jan

After login to my NameCheap account, I found that I have 7 domains left. As expected the SungaiBuloh.Com domain that I listed at the MarketPlace for USD$7 finally been bought by a guy name “priceseek”. This is the second domain I had sold in the MarketPlace. The first one is SingaporeFormula1GrandPrix.Com sold at USD$6. What’s next? Maybe I sell my domain that is due to expire this year.

Google PageRanks – January 2009

9 Jan

Finally, most of my “Zero” domains got their PR back! is still being smacked by Google. is expiring on 7th February 2009, should I keep or let it go?

Google Ranking: – 3 – 2 – 3 – 1 (0) – 0 – 1 (0) – 1 (0) – 1 (0)

PageRank Checker

Google PageRanks – December 2008

14 Dec

Damn! No changes for most of the domains, finally lost it PR. No other ways I can change the PR of the “Zero” domains other than asking forgiveness from the Google God. But, no way am I going to see the Google God. Haiz.. I had renew most of the domains until 2011. What to do with all these “Zero” domains? I need new innovative ideas!

Google Ranking: – 3 – 2 – 3 – 0 (1) – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Alexa Ranking: – 687,840 (558,308) – 1,538,633 (821,533) – 983,252 (856,402) – 2,854,074 (1,405,412) – 2,021,615 (1,414,126) – 6,381,246 (4,102,276) – 5,443,662 (4,194,362) – 7,198,069 (4,981,610)

PageRank Checker, Alexa Rank Checker

Yeah! WordPress (Version 2.7) Is Out Now!

11 Dec

I have been waiting for this release for a few months already, and it is finally available for download.

One of the changes I love is the “Admin Comment Inline Reply”. Now I do not need to go to the post to reply through the comment box.

For more info, click here.

MSN Groups Will Be Closing On February 21, 2009

8 Nov

I have a few groups in MSN that I created way back in 2000, but I let some to expired except Siti Nurhaliza Homepage (online since July 2, 2000) and Gallery Siti Nurhaliza 1 (online since May 23, 2002). Since MSN Groups will close on February 21, 2009, they are giving me the opportunity to move my groups to their new partner service, Multiply.

I’m choosing Option 1 that will automatically move my groups and its data to Multiply. There are lot of precious info and photos of Siti Nurhaliza that I think the web world would like it to stay on the blogosphere. I’m not sure Multiply will invite my current members to re-join the new group in its new location.

I’m also not sure what will happened to SimplySiti.Com‘s unique visitors because some of the visitors came from Siti Nurhaliza Homepage. Hope MSN Groups will auto redirect the old link to the new one.

I need to register a new account at Multiply since I forgot what the ID and the email address I used long-long time ago. Don’t forget to check these new links if you are a Siti Nurhaliza fan.

We are moving here ->

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BlogRush Is Shutting Down.

2 Nov

It had been more than a year that I did not blog about and checked my BlogRush account. I joined them when they launched it in late-2007. While reading Sha Money Maker entry today that I found that one of the fastest growing free services in the history of the Web is going to close down their service.

I stopped putting their BlogRush widget when I found that it’s not a wise choice as the system is not fair to small blogs. You need to serve more of bloggers sites to get you site linked on theirs. Don’t ever dream of your blog linked to JohnChow.Com’s BlogRush. The bigger blogs will become bigger and bigger and the smaller one will be smaller and smaller.

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Haiz… Another Server Suspension

25 Oct

After I solved the hosting ip address of my blogs today, I received an email from NameCheap’s hosting guys. They had suspended my account due to resource abuse!

They said my account was using more than its fair share of server resources, causing poor server performance for my account and for other users on the server. They told me to un-optimized scripts and incorrectly configured crons. They also said that a lot of simultaneous visitors are some possible causes of such load. Hmm..

Good thing about NameCheap is they will not ignore you when you email to them. I got my account activated back in less than 15 minutes! I quickly removed the abusive scripts and files although I know the problem is I run too many cron jobs a few hours ago. Or izit because I added to much RPC pings???

Reading their Terms of Service on “Safe Use”, I’m not allow to use more than 8MB of memory, more than 30 CPU seconds, or uses more than 10% of all available system resources at any time. How am I going to know when I will not break the rules??? From their third email, they said that they always let owner know about such suspension and always give ability to fix the problem. However they will suspend permanently if such overloads happens too recently.

Thanks NameCheap! I choose the correct web hosting this time and save a lot of time unlike the previous hosting. I don’t know about ComputingHost, I will just subscribe to them monthly instead of yearly. If I got suspension from them, I won’t lose much.

25 Top Shared Web Hostings

20 Oct

Shared Web Hosting is the most preferred type of hosting for more than 90% of the web users. The price of Shared web hosting is negligible compared to renting a dedicated Server i.e. an entire Server used to manage only your website(s).

Shared Hosting is nothing but an organized way of hosting many websites on a single server which utilize server resources based on their limits to ensure peaceful hosting therby splitting the cost of buying a dedicated Server. Many providers do offer UNLIMITED hosting but this does not necessarily mean the “best of what you can get”. Limits are imposed mainly for One Reason, To Prevent.

Web Hosting demands features and support required for your UNIQUE website. Unmetered / Unlimited features provided in web hosting no doubt, make the life easier while choosing a package for web hosting, but in the long run due to lack of limits, it allows a big room for existing users to cause abuse knowingly or unknowingly.

Disk Space: 100 MB
Bandwidth: Unmetered
MySQL Databases: Unlimited
Addon Domains: 5
Parked Domains: 1
Subdomains: Unlimited
Servers Location: Singapore
Control Panel: Direct Admin
Price: SGD$3.00/month or SGD$36.00/year
Find out more here.

Logic Plan
Disk Space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 10 GB
MySQL Databases: Zero (upgradeable)
Addon Domains: 1
Parked Domains: 1
Subdomains: 5
Servers Location: California (USA)
Control Panel: CPanel
Price: USD$0.99/month or USD$0.83*12/year
Find out more here.

Basic Hosting
Disk Space: 5 GB
Bandwidth: 250 GB
MySQL Databases: 15
Addon Domains: 0
Parked Domains: 1
Subdomains: 15
Servers Location:
Control Panel: CPanel
Price: USD$2.91/month or USD$39.95/year
Find out more here.

Other Big Servers:
Server 4 @ USD$4.25, Server 5 @ USD$3.99, Server 6 @ USD$9.95, Server 7 @ USD$4.95, Server 8 @ USD$6.95, Server 9 @ USD$4.44, Server 10 @ USD$0.23/day, Server 11 @ USD$5.95, Server 12 @ USD$7.96, Server 13 @ USD$7.95, Server 14 @ USD$9, Server 15 @ USD$9.95, Server 16 @ USD$3.95.

Other Small Servers:
Server 17 @ USD$2.95, Server 18 @ USD$2.99, Server 19 @ USD$1.

Other Free Servers:
Server 20, Server 21

New Added Servers:
Server 22 @ USD$20.68/year, Server 23 @ USD$1.99, Server 24 @ USD$7.30/year, Server 25 @ USD$5.97,

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Links Exchange Anyone?

20 Oct

Lately, I received emails asking me whether I’m interested in exchanging links with their websites. Hmm… Do links exchanges really boost your Page Rank?

I got an offer to link-exchange my PR2 website with a PR4 (yeah, I checked it a real PR) furniture store website. The guy is looking to get other related pages to link to it. Something fishy here is that my website is not related to furniture. Maybe the guy is using an automated spam mail tool.

Another guy is running a music resource PR1 website. He wanted to reciprocal link to my Google smacked PR0 website. Sorry dude, I had try lot of reciprocal websites and it doesn’t work for me.