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What is Joga Bonito?

6 Sep



Joga Bonito (which means ‘play beautiful’ in Portuguese) is a football-oriented social network service created by Nike and Google, based upon Google’s orkut. Joga TV commercial advertisements are shown on the nikefootball.com website, the joga.com website, and the default Google Personalized Homepage as well as appearing on television. √Čric Cantona appears as the lead spokesman for the Joga Bonito organization. Joga TV is portrayed as an underground broadcast channel that taps into other television stations’ live feeds, filmed “live from the heart of Germany”[1]. The Joga Bonito movement portrays itself as dedicated to eliminating unfair and unsportsmanlike play from football, promoting fair and creative play as well as honesty and team spirit, and showing the true and beautiful side of football by having a motto of “play from the heart”. Source from wikipedia.

Show Me The Money…

16 Aug

ImageShack : Citi Bank

The Citi Bank’s banner has been running for more than 1 week now together with another week of the Nike.Sg advertiser that ended after 2 weeks of campaign. But my earnings had not been updated yet for the 2nd Nike.Sg’s campaign!

The Citi Bank’s campaign will run for 3 weeks instead of the 4 weeks. I think by the end of the 2 advertisers’ campaign, I should have passed the minimum payout of S$50. Should I cash out the money?

After doing some statistic on my site, I found out that I had more visitors from Malaysia and Indonesia than Singapore. I should have joined the Nuffnang Malaysia instead. Or maybe Nuffnang Singapore should serve Malaysia’s advertisers too.

Nike Women

29 Jul

I was waiting for the bank of global repute banner for my first Nuffnang’s paid advertiser, but a banner of “Nike Women” Singapore website appeared. What happening Nuffnang?

ImageShack : Nike Women

Oklah, as long as I earned money from the advertiser, I’m happy.