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MoneyMakerGuy’s Top 3 Money Sites

1 Jul

1. Nuffnang SG

Nuffnang SG
4 cheques from Nuffnang received with 2 more cheques will be sent by this month.

2. Text-Link-Ads

All moola since July 2007 goes to my PayPal account.

3. Google Adsense

Google Adsense
I received my second cheque a few days ago.

I had tried BidVertiser, Kontera and Widgetbucks, still no luck of getting much moola from them.

9239 Unique Visitors = $$$

28 Apr

From 20 April 2008 to 26 April 2008, I served an advertisement from SPH. How much do I get from Nuffnang if my unique visitors for that week is 9239?

I got a band 27 lol!

Nuffnang’s Click Rating Feature

10 Apr

Nuffnang's Click Rating Feature

Nuffnang came out with a new feature called “Click Rating”. The new feature is meant to provide feedback to us about the performance of our paid ads relative to click-throughs. The stars is based on the CTR of our previous paid campaigns.

This is a good feature if I decided to do an Ad “clean up” as now I know which Ad unit is not performing. Congrat Nuffnang! Read more here.

Nuffnang Sent Me A Valentine’s Cheque!

15 Feb

Open up my letter-box today and as I expected Nuffnang had already send the moolah on the 14th of February. The cheque was signed on the 13th. This time they took about 66 days to send me the cheque as I cashed it out on the 10th December 2007. The previous cheque took 40 days. Maybe they are late because of the holiday’s mood. Anyway thanks Nuffnang!

I Serve Zero Nuffnang Ads!

15 Jan

When Advertlets started to redirect my blogs to a parking site, I decided to remove all the ad scripts from the South East Asia ad networks (Nuffnang & Advertlets). On 10th of January, I decided to put back the Nuffnang ads on my two high traffic blogs.


From 11th January to 13th January, SimplySiti.Com received 644 + 595 + 492 unique visitors.


The top 3 countries of my SimplySiti.Com visitors came from Malaysia, Singapore and USA with 59.1%, 21.1% and 10.3% traffic respectively.


MySelebriti.Com received 158 + 147 + 154 unique visitors for the 3 days.


The top 2 countries of my MySelebriti.Com are the same as SimplySiti.Com with 52.3% of the visitors came from Malaysia and 23% from Singapore. Third place goes to Indonesia with 13.7%.

From this statistic, I guess that the reason why I do not received any more ads is because most of my visitors came from Malaysia while I’m registered to Nuffnang Singapore which serve Singapore ads only.

I also checked my Glitterati membership status; it is Ordinary (non-exclusive). I do not know why I’m not a Glitterati member as I had already removed all Advertlets’ scripts on my blog.

Since I’m not a Glitterati member and since it is now more difficult to get ads as a non-exclusive member, I can say “I Serve Zero Nuffnang Ads”.


Is Nuffnang Glitterati Just A Trick To Hide Their Real Glitterati Bloggers?

7 Jan

A few days ago Advertlets created a buzz of not renewing their domain name. I’m not sure whether they are just testing the water to see how the publishers react and how loyal they are to Advertlets. From a survey from a blog, more than half of the participants decided to say goodbye to Advertlets.

I’m not going to put the Advertlets’ scripts again on my personal blogs since their scripts are so powerful that they are able to take control of my blogs and redirected it to their sites without my consent.

Talking about Advertlets taking control of blogs, today Nuffnang too had decided to take control of blogs with their new exclusive program called Glitterati. To qualify for this program, all you need to do is to remove all your South-East Asia ad networks (Advertlets, Blog2U, GrabMyAds and Nufflets) scripts from your blogs. Then on 13th of January 2008, their crawlers will check your blogs and if you passed their test, your blogs will be automatically included in the exclusive club within the next 48 hours.

What happened after you become Nuffnang’s exclusive blogger? You will either earning ZERO dollar if no clients want to advertise on your blog or You will earn 20%-40% more than the non-exclusive blogger.

What happened if this blog become exclusive and received an ad? From my previous one week ad campaign with band 2, I will probably received around SGD$0.57 to SGD$1.15 more. Not so much different if I decided to have more ads from different ad networks. Since you won’t get a guarantee that you will receive at least an ad campaign every week, most probably you will be earning less than what you are earning now.

What are “Gliterati”, “Gliterrati” and “Gliteratti”? Anyway, there is a “glitterati” word that means [Highly fashionable celebrities; the smart set: “private parties on Park Avenue and Central Park West, where the literati mingled with glitterati” (Skylines)].

So many typo errors on Ming’s email and the exclusive-program website. See the pictures below:

The Website (click to enlarge the picture)

Ming’s email (click to enlarge the picture)

40% or 50% ?? (click to enlarge the picture)

Is Nuffnang Glitterati just a trick to hide their real Glitterati bloggers?

Zero Unique Visitor = One Nuffnang’s Advertisement

23 Dec

I was surprised to receive an incoming advertisement (National Treasure 2 SS WK 2) on this blog. When I checked my blog’s statistic, this blog hardly have any visitors for the past 5 days. Anyways thanks Nuffnang for another SGD$2.88. The advertisement will be running from 23 Dec 2007 to 29 Dec 2007.

Zero visitor when I received the advertisement.

Maybe I got the advertisement because of the 12 Dec long spike?

National Treasure 2 SS advertisement.