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China’s Table Tennis Women Team Kelong?

23 Aug

How in the world that the world no.2 lost easily to the world no.5? If you see the score line Guo Yue easily defeated Wang Nan in set 1 and set 3 taking about 5 minutes each. Wang Nan took 7 minutes each on the 2nd and 4th sets with a close fight. Then suddenly Guo Yue lost in just 2 minutes!!! Guo Yue lost interest and call it a day in just 4 minutes for the final set.

Semi Final 1:
Li Jiawei (World No. 6) Vs. Zhang Yining (World No. 1)
Li lost 1-4
Results: 9-11 (7 mins), 11-8 (7 mins), 12-10 (8 mins), 11-8 (7 mins), 11-5 (5 mins).

Semi Final 2:
Guo Yue (World No. 2) Vs. Wang Nan (World No. 5)
Guo lost 4-2
Results: 3-11 (5 mins), 11-8 (7 mins), 4-11 (5 mins), 11-7 (7 mins), 11-3 (2 mins), 11-6 (4 mins).

Why Guo Yue lost in her singles semi final? So that China can take all 3 medals? Booo to them. It’s a disgrace to Wang Nan. Wang Nan doesn’t deserve the silver!