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From WordPress 2.3.3 To WordPress 2.5 RC1 To WordPress 2.5

30 Mar

On 26th of March, I did a format (clean installation) of WordPress 2.5 RC1 on one of my hosting. Surprising, today WordPress released the finalised WordPress 2.5. Since I need to do some more works on my other blogs, I decided to replace WordPress 2.5 RC1 with WordPress 2.5 as I guess that there will not be many changes. Surprisingly, the login page prompted me to upgrade my database.

While on WordPress 2.5 RC1, I’m happy with some of the new improvements that they added. One of them is now I can delete all posts on a single page with just a few clicks. With the old version, I need to manually click on each delete button to delete the posts. The next one is the ‘Text’ widgets are more easy to see since now the ‘Text’ widgets have their own titles instead of the default “Text 1”, “Tex2” and so on. I have not tried the “RSS” widgets, hopefully they will have their own titles. Now I can have unlimited ‘Text’ and “RSS” widgets instead of the maximum (9 each only).

Other improvements in 2.5 are multi-file uploading, one-click plugin upgrades, built-in galleries, customizable dashboard, tag management, salted passwords and cookie encryption, password strength meter, media library, a WYSIWYG that doesn’t mess with your code, concurrent post editing protection, full-screen writing, and search that covers posts and pages.

Download the latest version here.

Thanks And Goodbye TorrentSpy.Com!

30 Mar


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Your Blogs Belong To Advertlets?

29 Mar


Look at the picture above. It is damn funny that Advertlets are processing my January’s cash-out while my November’s cash-out is not processed and my October’s cash-out is still not paid. What type of company is this that ‘suka-suka’ processing which cash-out months they like?

I sent a ticket to Advertlets Support Department on Feb 2, 2008 with the subject “No October Earnings!”. The next day, I received a reply saying that they have detected a significant amount of click fraud in my account and was told to provide them with the following details:

– Are you involved in any site traffic programs to drive traffic to your website? This includes paid links
– Have you ever asked visitors to click on your ads anytime after you signed up with Advertlets until now?
– Have you experienced this problem before with any other online advertising providers?
– Do you have any statistics or data that suggests suspicious activity on your website?
– What Internet Service Providers do you use?
– Have you ever clicked your own ads? Please be honest, and provide dates and times. A non excessive amount will not result in termination
– On the computer which you use most often, is it shared?
– What is the total number of computers that you use to access or administrate your blog?
– Is there anyone else that maintains your blog for you or is involved in its administration, or creating content for the blog?
– Are your earnings from blog revenue shared among a few people, or are you the only beneficiary?
– Do you believe there is anyone who may want to sabotage your ability to earn from your blog? Do you know which country they are located in, or do you have any of their details (eg blog URL, username on other online services).

I told them that there is NO Click fraud on my blogs and provided them with the sitemeter statistics and also a picture of my Google adsense cheque. If there is click frauds, Google surely had already banned me! I also shown them my widgetbucks earnings that have already been paid.

On Feb 4, I sent them the details of their requests and was surprised that they resent the same questions to me again on the 8th of February. Suspecting that they had lost my reply, I resent the answers again and checked on them on the 12th of February. They replied by saying that they will get back to me once they have confirmed their findings.

On Mar 2, I sent an e-mail to them but no reply from them. Then I replied to the ticket online on the 13th and 24th March, but they still refused to reply back and ignoring me.

After some thinking, I assumed that when I put Advertlets’ ads on my blogs, the blogs now belong to Advertlets and I have no right to visit my blogs. If I visit my blogs, they will say that I did a click fraud. What is click fraud? You can ask Advertlets. I’m wondering why Nuffnang, Adsense and Widgetbucks do not say I did a click fraud since I put their ads together on the same blogs?

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Earth Hour 2008

28 Mar

Earth Hour 2008

This is an event which uses the simple action of switching off the lights for one hour that aims to raise awareness of the need for action on global warming.

This simple act has captured the hearts and minds of people globally on March 31 2007 when 2.2 million Sydney residents and over 2,100 businesses turned off lights and appliances for one hour as a step towards reducing the city’s greenhouse gas pollution.

Earth Hour 2007 was a Sydney event. Earth Hour 2008 is a global movement. This year, Earth Hour will take place in 24 global cities on 29 March, 8pm (Sydney time). More information about Earth Hour can be found on In Singapore they will switch off the lights for an hour at 8pm on March 29.

You can do your part too with just a flick of the switch. Have you made the effort to turn off the lights at your work space during lunch hour? If not, why not start now? This is something we can do easily even after Earth Hour. As they say, it’s better late than never so start with this small action and do your bit for the planet.

Let us join the fight against global warming and remember, all great things start with a simple step.

Yahoo… Long Holidays In 2009!

26 Mar

Here is the list of public holidays in 2009:

New Year’s Day
– 1 January (Thu)

Chinese New Year 26, 27 January
– (Mon, Tue)

Good Friday
– 10 April (Fri)

Labour Day
– 1 May (Fri)

Vesak Day
– 9 May (Sat)

National Day
– 9 August (Sun)

Hari Raya Puasa
– 20 September (Sun)

– 15 November (Sun)

Hari Raya Haji
– 27 November (Fri)

Christmas Day
– 25 December (Fri)

Who’s My Blogs’ Neighbours?

24 Mar

By using My IP Neighbors‘ tool, I found some familiar blogs/websites that are sharing the same server with me.

They are,,,, and

Hahaha… No wonder the server is a bit slow now. Since when you all use SH eh?

What’s Your Website Grade?

17 Mar

Using the WebSiteGrader tool on PutraWorks.Com and SimplySiti.Com , I got 89% and 77% respectively for those domains. Not bad right?

What's Your Website Grade?

What's Your Website Grade?

What had happened to SimplySiti.Com’s Google Backlinks??? Zero!!!

Amoxicillin & Bruffen

17 Mar

250mg of Amoxicillin (10 capsules) and 200mg of Brufen (10 tablets) for the anti-biotic and throat pains was given on the March 12, 2008.

Late evening of March 13, the boss for the first time requested me to show my medical chit and signed at the back of the paper.

Amoxicillin & Bruffen

17 Mar

250mg of Amoxicillin (10 capsules) and 200mg of Brufen (10 tablets) for the anti-biotic and throat pains was given on the March 12, 2008.

Late evening of March 13, the boss for the first time requested me to show my medical chit and signed at the back of the paper.

Showing Selected Categories On WordPress

13 Mar

At last I found a function to show the selected wordpress’ categories on all the pages from this link.

<?php query_posts($query_string.'&cat=4'); ?>

More functions can be found here.